They don't know about us

Elizabeth is your average 17 year old girl. Except for the fact that her brother is Louis Tomlinson. She lives with her parents in Doncaster, England. When her mom and dad die in a car crash, she's forced to live with her brother and his 4 best friends. What happens when she catches the eye of a certain blue-eyed irish boy?


11. Finding Out

Liam's POV

I went over to Niall and Izzy, "Can i talk to you guys for a sec?" I said with a smile on my face. "Oh um, sure I guess." Niall said. "Look, I know you two are dating, and you guys need to hide it better." They both blushed. "I guess, we dont want to tell anyone - yet. We cant have Louis freak out or worse, get mad at us." Says Izzy. " Maybe, you guys should tell them, I mean you should trust them, i the only one who knows?" I asked " Yeah you are." " You should tell the others, I'm sure, they will be fine with it." There was a silence for a bit. "You're right, we should tell them!" Niall said. "C'mon lets go!" We all said.And with that, we walked downstairs...

Im so so sorry its short, ya see im in a writers block and im in a hurry right now..bye for now my loveies!!! -Maria
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