Maju is an ordinary California girl who gets in a school at London and gets transfered there with her best friend, Katie. There Maju finds the love of her life...
***This is my first fanfic, a Harry Styles one! Hope you like it!*** Maju is a nickname for Maria Julia!


2. A couple

Harry's POV

"Good, then I will be happy to stay!" I said laughing.

I really prefered staying in the line with Maju, then going to the party. I really liked her! She was so cute... She had curly hair, big brown eyes and big lips! And her smile... It was beautiful! We looked at eachother's eyes for about 1 minute! I pulled her close to me, making her smile and kissed her again... When we finished kissing, we put our foreheads together...

" Maju... Would you like to..Um.. Be my girlfriend?" I asked.

She looked in my eyes for a a while,silently, making me think that her answer would be no.

" Yes, Harry! Yes! I would love to be your girlfriend! " she said, with a big smile!

She leaned over and I kissed my girlfriend, this was the best kiss ever!

Maju's POV

I couldnt believe what just happened! I was so happy! I think that I actually love Harry... And now he was my boyfriend! We kissed for about 2 minutes! Then we stopped and smiled at eachother! We looked to the front and there was only one girl left... She was really quick! When got to the secretary, I told her my name and asked her about my dorm! She took sometime to answer! I notice she was looking at Harry, who just smiled.

"Um... Where is her dorm? " Harry asked, giggling!

" Oh, sorry! Its down the hall, number 58! She will stay there with her friend, Katie! " She told us, still looking at Harry, and handing me my key! Harry grabbed my hand and we walked towards my room! I opened the door, and for my surprise, the room was really big! It had light pink walls, and two beds. Harry smiled at me! But I was thinking about the secretary and the way she looked at MY boyfriend!

" That girl from the office... She was looking at you for a a while!" I said, angry!

" You are jealous!" Harry said laughing " dont be babe, you are the one I am with! Not her! You are my girlfriend, not her!" Harry whispered into my ears.

" Aww Harry! " I said, he kissed my neck, gently then moved to my mouth, slowly! I loved it! I kissed him back passionately, he took my breath away! Harry pushed me into my bed and we continued kissing!

"Babe, I think we shouldnt..." Said harry, breathless

"I know! Its too early, and I am tired!" I said, breathless too!

"Okay, love! Im gonna go home! Im also tired, good night" he said kissing my forehead! He was so sweet.

" No harry!" I said. " Stay... I mean if you want to! "

" Are you sure, babe? I would love to stay here with you, but its prohibited! I mean, they never get people sleeping together! But if they get us, then you will be punished! '' Said harry

" If they never get people, then sleep here with me! My roomate is my best friend from the US, she wont care! And she is probably getting here by six in the morning!" I said, laughing. Harry laughed too! He took his shirt off, and layed down. I grabbed my pjs from my bag, went to the bathroom and changed!

" You look soo cute in your pjs! " Harry said, making me blush!

"Thank you, Mr. Styles!" I answered, smiling! Then I layed down on his chest and slept really quick!

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