Maju is an ordinary California girl who gets in a school at London and gets transfered there with her best friend, Katie. There Maju finds the love of her life...
***This is my first fanfic, a Harry Styles one! Hope you like it!*** Maju is a nickname for Maria Julia!


1. Meeting Harry

Maju's POV

''Oh my god! I already love London!'' -- Said katie

Katie was my best friend! We got in the London Academy and were transfered all the way from San Francisco, CA to this marvelous place...

"I cant believe we got in and that now we are... here! Am I dreaming?'' I said

Katie's POV

All I could think about was 1D... I had a great feeling! It made me believe that soon we were going to meet the boys! They were the best thing about being here! We were now entering the school's gate. it was huge, with a lot of green, a big pool and.... REALLY CUTE boys who obviously had a BRITISH accent!

Me and Maju were really impressed.. The school was just great! We expected it to be good, but not like that...

Maju's POV

We entered the dorms together but there was having a big party with a a lot of people so I just got separated from Katie! Shit! This was when a cute boy bumped into me, making me drop my bags...

''Um... Sorry, love! " He said in the cutest british accent ever! I loved british boys... He had brown curls and beautiful eyes and I thought that I had seen him before!

"Umm... No problem!" I said, with a smile!

" By the way, Im harry! And you are probably new here, right? " He asked smiling

" Yes, im new here! Im from the US and just got transfered here... My name is Maria Julia but everyone calls me Maju! " I said

" Beautiful name for a beautiful girl! " He said and I blushed, no one had ever said something like that to me!

" Thanks" i said, smiling at the ground... "

"When you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell, you dont know..." Harry whispered in my ear.

so I realized that Harry was from 1D!Oh my God, Katie was going to freak out... Harry Styles was flirting with me! So I finished what he started, I sang the rest of the song bringing a big smile to his face!

We got really close to eachother, him pressing me against the wall. Then he kissed me gently, and I kissed him back... Now we were kissing passionately! It was so good. Harry was so good and his kiss ... It was the best kiss ever! I think that now I had feelings for him. We stopped kissing and he looked at the floor, seeing my bags! He grabbed them, smiling!

"So, let me help you take this to your dorm, love! Where is it?" Harry said

" Um... I dont really know! And you dont have to do this for me!" I said, trying to make him give my bags back!

"Maju, I want to help you! Lets go to the office and ask where is your dorm." Harry said, smiling and grabbing my hand with his free one!

I smiled too, nodding in reply. Harry lead me to the office, where we found a big line with many new students. I searched for Katie but I did not see her.

"Harry... I can get in the line by myself! Go have fun! You dont need to stay here with me, when there is a party happening! " I said, kissing him on the cheek.

"And what if I want to stay with you, babe?" Harry teased me!

"Then you will make me very happy, Mr. Styles! " I replied, giggling.

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