Alone in the World

Hi my names Brianna Long im from Doncaster, England and I'm 16 years old. I love drawing,singing, and acting I live with my grandma because my parents and older sister were killed in a car crash when i was 6. Thats really all there is to tell about me so yea.


2. Is it really you?

Brianna's POV: I was turned away from the boy not wanting him to see my nose when he spoke up "Are you ok love?" I swear I knew that voice so i slowly turned around and my mouth dropped and I spoke up "LOUIS IS THAT YOU!?"he looked confused at first but then pulled me into a deep hug. When he finally let me go he started firing questions at me "What happened to your nose? Are you OK?Who did this?Do I need to beat someone up?Do you need to go to the nurse?" I could tell this would go on for awhile so I cut him off "Lou settle down and yes i think I should go to the nurse." He looked at me and nodded then looked at the boys that were behind him, that i guess were his friends."Guys im gonna take her to the nurse we'll meet you for lunch?" the boys nodded and walked away. "So who did this to you?" he asked "Oh i accidently ran into someones locker, you know clumsy old me!" I replied. He didnt say anything but i knew he thought i was lying.

Louis' POV: I knew she was lying, i could tell by the look in her eyes. I always have been able to tell her emotions just by looking in her eyes, when we were little we were so close we practically did everything together until her family died and my dad made us move. I missed her so much over the years but she never really wanted to talk,she kind of blocked everyone out. We made it to the nurses room and she said Bri's nose was broken but put a bandage on it for her so it would start healing. We stayed in there for a while because Bri liked talking to the nurse and for some reason she didnt want to go back to class. Before we knew it it was lunch break, so we made our way to the cafeterria to meet the boys.



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