Alone in the World

Hi my names Brianna Long im from Doncaster, England and I'm 16 years old. I love drawing,singing, and acting I live with my grandma because my parents and older sister were killed in a car crash when i was 6. Thats really all there is to tell about me so yea.


1. School's a Nightmare!

Brianna's POV: I was woken by my alarm clock buzzing for me to get up. I slowly rose from my bed and made my way to my bathroom and took a warm shower, standing in the steaming water a bit too long "Bri sweety hurry up you're gonna be late!!" my grandma yelled from outside the door "OK im almost done!" I yelled back. I jumped out of the shower and quickly got dressed in a white lace top with a purple cami under and white hightop shorts. I slipped on my purple TOMS and headed down-stairs where my grandma was waiting with breakfast. I ate quick and grabbed my stuff, then I was on my way to school.

Louis' POV: Today was my first dad at my new school, I had lived in this area for a while when I was younger but moved when i was 8 right after my aunt died. now i was coming back with my band/Best Friends to finish up our studies, we had just finished X-Factor annd took a break for a while and when we get done with school we will go on a world tour! We just arrived at the campus and started towards the front doors. It was a very big school, I had been here a few times when I was younger because my mom was a sub and took me with her sometimes before my sisters were borrn.

Brianna's POV: Today was just like any other school day, I walked in people stared and whispered it had been like this since i started at this school. I dont know why but people really didnt like me, especially Cristal Jones. She has always bullied me mentally and physically. I finally got to my locker and grabbed my books and right as i turned around she slammed my locker right in my face. A sharp jab of pain went through my nose " Well at least now you have a reason to get a face job!" she said and started doing her snooti little walk down to class. 

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