4 girls + 5 Guys = Love ?

When a girl meets a blue eyed, blonde haired fitty only sparks can fly. But when his friends met her sister and cousin only sparks can fly there too, right? Only time will tell, so sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life a long with a group of people I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.


9. Upload

Paige’s P.O.V
I looked at Katie as she shuffled nervously back into the living room. A look of utter bewilderment, terror, surprise and oddly excitement etched on to her face. “Anyone care to tell me why Harry Styles is in my bed asleep completely naked?” Katie said with a slight smile pulling at the corners of her mouth. I bit down on my lip hard holding in a laugh that was beginning to rumble inside of me, knowing exactly what I had done.

It got to the point where I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I looked at Katie’s face and I just burst, a laugh erupted from me that I didn’t even know existed. I laughed so hard to the point my sides hurt, I even snorted (not my finest moment). After that a huge bullet of embarrassment shot straight through my spine until it reached my cheeks. The result of this bullet was that it turned my cheeks a bright shade of red, I could tell my checks were on fire.

After I had calmed myself down, Katie stood there and glared and me and said “this was you wasn’t it? I giggled a little and replied “erm maybe if I did are you gonna hate me?” “No of course not, now untangle yourself from Irish here and give me a hug” Katie says with an evil smirk. Niall untangles himself from me shoots Katie a look which she returns showing him she was only joking.

Niall practically pushed me off the sofa and into Katie’s awaiting arms and said “now babe go hug your cousin and say you’re sorry.” I followed my orders reluctantly and said “sorry” Katie hugged me tighter trying to crush me, I’m sure and whispered in my ear “thank you, best thing I’ve seen in my whole life.” She released me and "I forgive you", as she was saying those words, her face was beaming the most dazzling and reassuring smile. I could tell that her facial expression meant that she was not angry at me at all. In fact she seemed to be overjoyed and on cloud nine. She then went to sit on the sofa in-between Louis and Liam. I sat back down in Niall’s lap and made myself comfortable, while Niall was tangling himself around me once again.

All eight of us sat there in complete comfortable silence, exchanging glances most of them between myself, Niall, Louis, Kayliegh, Zayn and Kim who now looked like a tomato. After a few minutes Louis spoke and said “well this is nice but I’m kinda bored can we…er, watch a movie or something?” Sure” Katie cheerily said with that massive smile on her face.

Kayliegh’s P.O.V
I can’t help but steal glances at Louis and smile. I look at him and my mouth goes all dry, I get tongue tied and my mind clears of all its thoughts and I’m left with nothing to say. Every now and again he catches me and I blush and look at the floor trying to hide it, (I hope it works). The only person that knows all of this is Harry I have no idea why I told him, but I did. This is how it all happened…

I was in my bedroom lying on my bed reading my fav book, Warhorse. It is epic; it always ties my heart into knots. I really wish I owned a horse like that. Eventually I finish reading the end of the chapter. I then let out a huge sigh, then placed the bookmark in between these pages and closed the book. I sit up on my bed feeling thirsty so I got off my bed and started to walk towards the kitchen to get a glass of water. In mine and Liam’s flat, we have a kitchen/ lounge/diner. It’s really cool and funky.

After I get off of my bed I start walking down the corridor to the lounge to get to the kitchen. Once I had gently opened the door I saw Louis and Eleanor practically eating each other’s faces, (I know gross but it’s the only way I can think of describing it). I watched for like five seconds and then I felt sick. I sprinted to the bathroom and threw up, I heard footsteps come into the room and someone hold my hair. They then whispered “shhhh honey it’s okay” I then realised it was Harry. I stopped and let go of the toilet bowl and choked “sorry” he said “oh kay there’s nothing to be sorry for do you wanna tell me what’s up? Are you sick?” “No, I, I just can’t do it” I choke, “can’t do what” harry says holding me tightly in his arms with concern, “I can’t tell you, I really wish I could but I can’t.” Ok I understand but you can trust me, I promise not to tell anyone unless I have too.” Harry says.“Ok you promise not even Liam?” I squeak. Harry looks at me and says “not even Liam”. I take a deep breath, stand, close the door and lock it. I sit back on the floor in front of Harry and spill everything I’ve been holding in for nearly two years. He looks at me in shock and shakes his head moving his curls around, he reaches one hand up to my check and cups my face, wipes away a tear I didn’t even know had fallen and says “ Kayliegh I had no idea, everything will be ok I promise.”

 I shake my head and pull myself out of my thoughts when I realized Kim was calling my name “huh” I say Kim laughs and says what film “do u wanna watch” “er I don’t know Forest Gump I guess.” Nearly everyone else in the room squealed.

After the film

Kim’s P.O.V
The film just finished and it was nearly Lunch time, so I stood up and walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge grabbed a bottle of water, shutting the door and turned around. I jumped when I realized there was someone behind me; “sorry I didn’t mean to scare you” Zayn said my cheeks started to burn so I looked at the floor until it passed. When I looked up Zayn was still stood there smiling. I mumbled “oh hey Zayn, can I help u with something?” “No not really I just wanted to talk to you”, he said “oh really what about?” I say holding in a blush. “Oh I just wanted to get to know you, is all” Zayn says beaming. I sat on a stool at the breakfast bar, Zayn followed suit and did the same. “Ok ask away” I say smiling.

After about 20 minutes of talking we walked back in to the living room. Everyone stopped and stared at us I flippantly said “what?” nobody answered they all just smiled.

I and Zayn walked over and sat down next to each other. I slowed my breathing to slow the pace of my heart which by now I was so sure you could hear from the other side of the room.

Paige’s P.O.V
I’ve never seen Kim look as happy as she is now, and Katie well that smile still hasn’t left her face and me. I’m happy, really happy and I haven’t been able to say that for nearly two years.

I looked at Niall and smiled, leaned in and pecked him on the lips. I said once I pulled away “so how many interviews were you supposed to have today?” “Four” Niall says “they were promotion for our new album and stuff.”
“Oh ok” I say “erm I have an idea why don’t us girls ask you the questions? We’ll film it, and then we could post them online so that way you won’t have missed them” Niall smiles brightly and so do the others and says “Paige you’re a genius!” “Let’s do it.” I blush and Niall leans in and kisses me. From behind I hear Kim and Katie gags but right now I don’t care I’ll get them later.

I, Katie, Kayliegh and Kim rush off to change. Kim grabs her pastel pink button less blazer, white v neck cami, black skinny jeans and pastel pink toms. Katie grabs her red harry style blazer, light purple scoop neck cami white skinny jeans and black ballet pumps. I grab my black skinny jeans, candy green blazer, white v neck cami and black vans. I throw Kayliegh my dark purple pin stripe blazer, white cami to go with her dark blue skinny jeans and black toms. (Yeah we have a problem with skinny jeans and what).

Katie does our hair all wavy and natural and the same with our make-up.
We all walk into the living room after about thirty minutes to find all the boys, as well as Harry, who was now awake and thankfully fully clothed, to Katie’s dismay I’m sure looking at us open mouthed. We started laughing when Kayliegh said “oi you lot shut your mouths you’ll catch flies” and with that all the boys did as they were told. Liam stammered “w-well you all look like a hotter version of us” with that we all blushed and said thank you.

I grabbed my camera set it on the tri pod and ushered the boys onto the sofa I press record and all the girls stand in front the camera and say “hey” we introduce ourselves and explain what’s happening we then take our seats and proceed with our interview.
(Questions in italics answers in bold- who answered in brackets)

So what’s your new album called? (Kayliegh)
Take me home (Liam)

What are your favorite songs from it? (Katie)
Little Things (Niall) Rock Me (Harry) Heart Attack (Zayn) I Would (Liam) Little Things (Louis)

If you could as a band, who would you love to work with? (Kim)
Jay Z (Louis, Zayn) Ed Sheeran (Harry, Liam) Justin Beiber (Niall)

What’s been your favourite video that you’ve made so far? (Kayliegh)
One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks) (all)

Ok here’s one I’ve always wanted to know. Would you ever date a fan? (Paige)
Yes (Zayn) Yes (Louis) Yes (Harry) Yes (Liam) I’d like to think I might already be (Niall)

At that point I jumped up and pressed pause. I just stood there shocked I stuttered “r-really” Niall stood, walked towards me smiled and said “yeah of course why else would I say it” “I don’t know I guess I’m just shocked” I say now smiling. Niall hugged me and then sat back down.

We continued the interview asking random questions which all of the boys answered. Within about an hour we were finished. We quickly uploaded the video to my laptop and did the necessary editing, we debated editing out Niall’s answer to my question, but he wanted to leave it in. so we did and we up loaded the video to YouTube, Twitter, and anywhere else the boys could think of. We watched the screen and within seconds the YouTube video had nearly two thousand hits.

The comments flooded the screen some hate, some love but most of them where asking who this mystery fan Niall was dating was called

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