4 girls + 5 Guys = Love ?

When a girl meets a blue eyed, blonde haired fitty only sparks can fly. But when his friends met her sister and cousin only sparks can fly there too, right? Only time will tell, so sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life a long with a group of people I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.


19. Today Lives' will Change- unedited

Kim’s P.O.V.

I woke up with what I thought was a pounding in my head. It wasn't until my pillow groaned that I realised, the thumping in my head was in fact coming from a hard firm chest. Instead of freaking out like I thought I would, I smiled recognising a couple of the tattoos that adorned this chest.

When I finally awoke properly I looked up towards Zayn's sleeping form. Which I should add is one of the most adorable sights to wake up to. With his mouth slightly agape, dark full lashes rested peacefully on his chiselled cheek bones, hair a dishevelled mess, with his fringe scattered over his forehead and sticking up at odd directions. I wriggled slightly changing my position, the muscles in Zayn’s arm twitched as he tightened grip around my waist. I couldn’t help but notice the bombardment of rugby ball sized butterflies that were now filtering like they’re on cocaine or something within my stomach.


I begin thinking just how perfect this moment is and how I never want to leave it, deep down I know I need to, not because I have classes today but for matters slightly more pressing. To put it bluntly I need to pee and if I don’t go now I think I may have an accident. As I try my best to move Zayn’s grip only tightens rendering me powerless. I quickly spin to face him now feeling the urgency; I whisper his name to begin with, which of course has no effect, so I begin peppering kisses all over his face working my way to his lips. As I reach the corner of Zayn’s mouth, it twitches lifting slightly forming a smile, its then that I know he’s awake. So like any normal person I giggle and whisper again “Zayn you need to move your arm I need to get up” he just grunts and moves his arm.


I jump out of bed as fast as I possibly could and run to the bathroom. I do what I need to do, but whilst I’m in there I quickly fix my hair into a slightly less messy, messy bun and rinse my mouth out with mouthwash. The chilly air that I had somehow missed on my way to the bathroom, now wraps itself around my exposed arms and calf muscles. I know make another dash towards my bedroom pausing at the door to catch my breath. I push the door open to find a seemingly still slumbering Zayn tucked up in my bed. I glance at the clock placed next to my bed and realise that I have another two hours before I actually need to get up, I make my way back to my bed and climb back in. Almost instinctively Zayn places his arm back across my abdomen and pulls me closer towards him. I turn to face him before he mutters huskily “you missed”, “I missed what?” I question, “When you left you missed” he whispered still with closed eyes. Then it clicks, I missed, I kissed the corner of his mouth and not his lips.


I decide to make up for ‘missing’ I shuffle even closer to him and mould my body to his, before pressing my lips firmly to his, my eyes flutter closed as soon as our lips meet. Instantly Zayn’s lips move in sync with mine the same volcano erupting, atomic bomb exploding, rocket launching, sparks no fireworks as big as those you see, New Years Eve in central London on the T.V. begin flashing in front of my closed eyes.  After what feels like an eternity I slowly pull away. “I didn’t miss that time did I?” I whisper with my lips still slightly brushing against his. “No babe you defiantly didn’t” Zayn whispers back as I nestle my head into his chest.         



Liam’s P.O.V


Things are defiantly different now, I mean the boys they’re happy actually happy. Hazza’s dimpled smiles back, Zayn isn’t smoking anywhere near as much as he used to, Louis well he’s back to being Louis and as for Niall he’s almost a changed man, the tinkle in his eye is back, he’s more confident and he seems so much stronger with ‘P’ by his side.


As for me I’m ecstatic, no that’s the wrong word I’m euphoric, today is the day that mine and Kayliegh’s live changes. You see a few years ago Kays life well to be honest it was shit. So she came to live with me, and although now she’s almost nineteen, I still feel the need to protect her as if she’s in some weird way my daughter. So although this may seem odd but today I become her official legal guardian, we had the papers drawn up when she was sixteen but until last night after her dance with Louis, everything changed.


We’re now sitting at Daniele’s dinning table with the papers sitting between us and I don’t think I’ve ever been so sure about something but nervous about it at the same time.    




Kayliegh’s P.O.V.


My hands and knees are shaking so violently right now, I’m sure that if you listen hard enough you’ll be able to here my knees knocking together.  Today I become a fully fledged Payne.


I have no idea what happened to me last night, maybe it was finally telling Louis how I felt, maybe it was him telling me he felt the same way, maybe I was what Amy had said, maybe it’s all of those combined to be honest I have no idea what one was the driving force to finally woman up and sign the papers.


Liam signs first with out any hesitation what’s so ever. I’m honestly not surprised, within two days of me living with Liam he had these drawn up and ever since he’s carried them everywhere with him, just in case he always said. And now here we are about to change our lives forever.


Liam slides the papers over to me and smiles reassuringly. I gingerly take the pen from his hand and grasp it in my shaky one. He smiles once more saying “we don’t have to do this Kay not if your not absolutely sure.” “No Li I’m sure this time this is what I want, it’s time I move on with my life, leave my past behind me and finally show those Directioners of yours who I really am and that I’m no longer the quiet girl who hides behind her cousin.” I speak with excitement and determination.


I sign the papers with my hand no longer shaking. I then stand up a run full speed to hug Liam. “Thank you, thank you, thank you I murmur into his neck.  “welcome to the Payne family Kay” Liam mumbles’ into my hair I can hear the smile that I’m sure is now lacing his lips.


As soon as all the legalities are completed I make my way Louis’ place. I walk up to his buzzer and take a deep breath. It takes a minute or two for him to speak through the intercom “Hello” his voice whispers through the speaker. It sounds sleepy and in fact incredibly sexy (Opps did I just say that? Too bad it’s the truth) “Hey Lou it’s me can I erm come in? I have some news” “Sure come up” I walk through the main door, before I can even get to Louis’ door I spot him standing in his doorway, arms crossed and flipping shirtless! (not that I’m going to complain but I have a feeling I might get a little distracted, hehe) now this maybe weird but I don’t really care I ran towards and engulfed him in the biggest hug I could muster. “Whoa Kay where’s the fire?” he laughed wrapping his arms around me. “No fire I’m just really happy right now” I giggle back. “Oh really and why would that be?” He questions, “Oh erm just the fact that I’m no longer a read I’m a Payne.” He breaks the hug just slightly so he can look into my eyes. “what, seriously, you signed the papers?” he says excitedly “Yes and yes” I giggle once more. “I’m so proud of you Kay!” he exclaims lifting me up and spinning me around.


(A.N. I’m going to skip a huge section of time, one because I’ve been up all night and I’m really tired and two I have no idea what else to put in. sorry L)


Paige’s P.O.V.


It’s now one fifty and Niall and I are waiting for JB to show up, Kayliegh and the other guys who didn’t stay at my place last night, came over to tell us her amazing news and to wish me luck today.


To say that I’m nervous about what could happen in the next half an hour or so, would be the biggest understatement a person can make right now. My entire body is shaking as if it’s experiencing its every own earthquake. Sadly not even Niall’s normally calming presence or smell,(yeah I find the way he smells calming, you would too if you had the chance to smell him. Don’t judge me!) can keep me conscious anymore let alone calm.


Niall is sitting right next to me with one arm slug comfortingly over my shoulders and the other gripping my hand that is placed on the table in front of us. Moments later Justin walks thought the diner doors looking even more nervous then I do, I hope I didn’t scare him last night.  He spots us and moved towards us. He takes a seat opposite the both of us.


“Sooo…” Justin begins. “Thanks for meeting me, I know this is probably the last thing you want to do, but when Niall sent me your song I fell in love with it, its simple, eloquent, it has great structure, an insight into the female mind I could only wish for and lets face it every single one of my Beleiber’s is going to be able to relate to every word in those lyrics.  Niall told me that your biggest dream is to inspire with your words, and I can help you do that.” Justin continued.


“You really think so?” I ask shell shocked. “Oh Paige I don’t think I know I can. That’s why I really want to buy this song from you.”  I just stare at him trying to fathom what he just said, he wants to buy it, not use it, buy it with actual money, money I really could use too get ‘Black Box’ off the ground.


“Okay y-you can have it, on two conditions” I stutter. Both Niall and Justin stare at me wide eyed. “what would those conditions be?” JB asks. “One I remain nameless and faceless, yes you may give me some kind of nickname and two, I want to make it a duet and give the other part to my cousin.”  Justin’s grin takes over most of his face as he leans across the table to shake my hand, but before we can make a deal Niall interjects. “wait what about the price?” Niall asks. “Oh yeah I almost forgot” I smile.  “ermm how does thirteen thousand pounds plus royalties sound?” Justin says he’s smile only growing wider. “What? That would be incredible” I cough and spatter.


“Good I’ll get the contacts drawn up and I’ll drop them round later, thank you so much Paige” Justin states as he gets up to leave.  I call back just as he was about to leave “Pleasure doing business with you Bebz!”  


Now I can stop panicking about that and being panicking about what Katie’s’ going to do to me… HELP!!! Is all I can think.



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