4 girls + 5 Guys = Love ?

When a girl meets a blue eyed, blonde haired fitty only sparks can fly. But when his friends met her sister and cousin only sparks can fly there too, right? Only time will tell, so sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life a long with a group of people I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.


5. Time To Bare All

So the doorbell goes’, I leap to my feet and answer it. I see Niall standing there with a nervous smile spread across his lips. I glance quickly at him and then to the floor. He drops the nervous smile and his face has now a shocked look plastered upon it. I glance at him again and the smile is back exactly where it belongs. I look at him confused and puzzled and say questioningly “what?” To which he simply replies “WOW you look amazing” I blush and look at the floor once more. Niall picks up my chin with his index finger and thumb. Then says in a whispered tone “don’t hide your blushes, I think it’s dead cute when you blush.” This resulted in me blushing even more profusely, and by now I must look like a tomato.

I shout “Bye” to the girls just before I close the door. Then unexpectedly I am stopped by Kim shouting “Have fun and don’t, do anything I wouldn’t do” and, then both Kim and Katie devilishly laugh loudly. I close the door silently and laugh at Kim’s’ comment in my head. When I feel something warm grab my hand, I look down to see Niall holding it (best moment of my life EVER). As he held it, it felt like nothing else in the world mattered to me anymore. It also felt that with every micro second that went by, it was like electricity coursing through my body. (To be honest nothing in my life has ever felt so right) I griped Niall’s hand lightly and we began to walk.
After about ten minutes of walking in perfectly comfortable silence. I turn to face Niall and say “so where did you park the car?” We come to a halt and all I can see is pure darkness all I could make out were the pin prick stars above our heads.
Niall turns and looks at me dead in the eyes and says “so we’re here and I’m going to need you to trust me ok?” I reply sheepishly “yeah ok”, we walk towards the darkness until we reach a small clearing. Inside this clearing I saw a blanket, some huge cushions, a picnic basket and what I thought was Niall’s guitar.

We take a seat on the cushions and we eat, (I know food again but what can I say I just LOVE my food). After five minutes of eating I look at Niall who is just staring at me. Then he says while chuckling “I like that” I say “like what?” Confused and with my mouth still full of food, he replies almost rolling on the floor laughing. “The fact, that you’re not afraid to eat in front of me I like that. I say this because, most girls are too afraid that eating too much or at all will make them look like their greedy or something.” I look at the ground and swallow HARD. And begin to blush once again dying of embarrassment.

I look over to Niall, who is lying on the grass on his side patting the space next to him. I stand and walk over to him, to sit on the grass next to him. He then grabs my hand and pulls me down and land with a thud. All Niall does is chuckle and say “oh love I’m so sorry.” I reply chuckling with him “that’s fine but why did you do that?” Niall then starts to sneak up next to me, now lying on his back and whispers “well I thought we could look at the stars together” “ok “ I say back. I then lay there for a few seconds when I take Niall‘s hand and squeeze it lightly, in return he gently strokes the back of my hand with his thumb.
I roll onto my side and say I have an idea let’s play twenty questions” Niall replies softly with “ yeah ok you go first”
(Me in italics, Niall in bold)
“What was your school life like?”

“well it was okay I guess I didn’t get bullied or anything but I was kind of shorter than everyone else, so I was just friends with everyone what about you?”

“Well primary school I guess you could say it was okay. It was secondary school that everything went to pot, I did get bullied quite a lot in school. I was the quite one with my head permanently buried in a book of some kind. I wasn’t the skinniest or the prettiest of people so that left me open for years of torment, but I’m over that part of my life well kind of.
So what are favorite bands or singers?”

“The Script, The Coronas, The Eagles, The Kooks, The Doors, Thin Lizzy, Take That, and Westlife and Justin Beiber what about you and what did you mean by kind of?”

“well I’m a huge Justin Beiber fan I guess I’m a Blieber have been from the start and always will be. I really like one direction too right now I’m in love with little things and moments. They just seem to apply to almost every single aspect of my life right now, but I also really like Ed Sheeran his lyrics are beautiful, I also really like Taylor swift and the script. Oh and well I meant that all the bullying has left me feeling insecure and kind of unlovable but I’m working on it. I use the things I write to work through all of my problems.
So do you have any hidden talents?”

“You know you should never feel that way in my eyes your beautiful, and you should never let anyone tell you otherwise. Erm yeah I do but it’s not really a hidden one I can play the guitar as you probably already know.
And as you pointed out I know you write so what do you write?”

“I mainly write poetry about the world but mostly romance and getting my heart broken. By a guy who I thought meant forever when he said it, but I was wrong. Recently I wrote lyrics for a song but I can’t play any instruments. So if I sing you a little do you think you would be able to maybe come up with a melody?”

“Yes that would be great what’s it called?”

“It’s got a really rubbish title but anyways it’s called why am I breaking apart?
Niall picks up his guitar and strums a few cords and they sound great. I start to sing (yeah I’m no singer but Katie’s not here so I’ll have to do).

Verse One
Maybe it's the things I say
Maybe I should think before I speak
But I thought that I knew enough
To know myself and what’s right for me

Verse two
And these walls that I’ve now built
You used to rock them down
And the tears I'm crying now
You used to wipe away

I thought you said it was easy
Listening to your heart
You said I'd be okay
So why am I breaking apart?
Don't wanna be torn
Don't wanna be torn
Don't wanna be torn
Don't wanna be torn

Niall plays along with the melody I sing and it actually sounds pretty good, minus my singing of course, but the words and the cords he plays seem to fit like they belong together.

Just after he stops playing, I glance down at my phone and notice the time it’s nearly 1:00am. I tell Niall and all of a sudden the temperature drops dramatically. I start to shiver, Niall walks to sit next to me and wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me in close. That feeling of electricity courses through my body so much so that it sends shivers down my spine. I lay my head on Niall’s shoulder and smile.

Right now I don’t think I could be any happier.

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