4 girls + 5 Guys = Love ?

When a girl meets a blue eyed, blonde haired fitty only sparks can fly. But when his friends met her sister and cousin only sparks can fly there too, right? Only time will tell, so sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life a long with a group of people I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.


2. The Start of it All

Even though I know we are so different. There is similarity we share and that is we are huge One Direction fans. From the moment at their single auditions, we watched them perform together. Then from that moment we looked at each other and said these guys are going to be huge. When the guys went to boot camp and their X Factor judge sent them home, we actually cried. That was until they were called back on to the stage and, we found out that they were through but as a group. Well that was when we stood up dried our tears and danced around the room, screaming our heads off and we pretty much did that all the through their X Factor experience. We then became addicted to their video diaries (by the way we miss those loads). From then on we tried to get tickets to every concert they hold in London. The trouble was there tickets were either sold out, or to expensive. Although we know is not an excuse but, a student’s budget is really tight right now.

Recently things at Uni have been really hectic, so I and the girls haven’t really seen each other. In the past week, I think the most I've said to my sister is "hi mum called and she wants you to call her" and I know that’s really rubbish. That is all going to change because, we have finished taking our end of year exams and we're ready to blow off some steam.

Woo! So this Friday night we are going to head to the movies. After the final exam we meet up at home and get ready together, we raid each other’s wardrobes trying to find something to wear. After about half an hour of mucking about we find some clothes and we decide to dress up because, we decided to go out to dinner afterwards. Kim grabbed her black skinny jeans, peach vest top, her peach and gold butterfly sixties inspired see through top and her black Toms. After she decided on her outfit she then walked to the bathroom to shower and change. Meanwhile Katie did one last rummage and finally deciding on her navy blue skinny jeans, peach with a dipped hem vest and leather jacket with her black Nike high-tops, she left to get changed. while I just sat on my bed, stared at the pile of clothes in the middle of it grabbed my note book and started writing," all these clothes and not a stitch to wear, I could go naked if I dare, but it’s kind of cold out there, so that’s a bad idea." That is when Kim came back into my room and looked at me in horror, just as if she saw a ferocious tiger in my room. I’m guessing it was because I hadn’t changed yet. She then trough some clothes at me and marched me to the bathroom. In the end I wore dark grey skinny jeans, bright pink DM'S and black sixties inspired dip hem top with a leather jacket. I walked back into my room. Where I found Katie had already done her hair and make-up, and was working on Kim. She had her hair in a tight bun. She then turned to me with a devilish look in her eye, and then turned to grab my hand and pulled me to the seat. She did mine all curly it actually looked pretty good if I do say so myself. Katie then started do my make-up. She made sure to keep it really natural, so unless you were looking for it you wouldn’t know I was wearing any.

We jumped in my car as soon as we were all ready and headed to the cinema, I park the car and we all jump out. We decide to watch pitch perfect (we’re suckers for musicals). So we sit in our seats and just enjoy each other’s company. We begin to watch the movie. The movie turned out to be amazing, I quietly sang along to all the songs. After the movie finished we all pile back into my car and decide where to go to eat. I was starving even though I’d only eaten about two hours ago, I’m always hungry that’s what the girls tease me about a lot. We decide to head to Nando’s.

When we get there and the car is parked. We then get out of the car and try to find the entrance. Once we got inside the restaurant and felt the warmth from the heaters. We then looked around and then whispered to each other “it’s oddly quite for a Friday”. Thankfully this meant we got seated quickly. I glance at the menu, and I instantly know what I want as where the other girls take for every to choose. I queue to order when I heard defining screams, I glance out of the window and see what looked like hundreds of girls all running in the same direction. I pay no more attention as I was deep in thought of my food. I finally get to the cashier and place our order. I turn quickly; I think a bit too quickly because I end up face planting (really hard) in to somebody’s chest. I briskly look up and see these huge, deep oceans of perfectly blue orbs of light called eyes. These mystifying eyes stare right at me; I shake my head to clear my vision. When he says in an amazingly adorable Irish accent “are you sure you ordered enough food love, I hope there’s enough left for me”. Saying, this through a huge cheeky grin. I smile back while blushing embarrassingly nodding and, trying to figure out where I have heard such an adorable accent before.

I walk back to our table, to see Kim and Katie sat there staring at me. They were just staring, at me with their mouths wide open. I then take my seat and stare back at them confused. Kim stutters “d-don’t you know who that was” I stare still confused. “T-that was Niall Horan” Katie whispers, I still look confused and then it hits me. That’s where I know those eyes from. I look back at them in shook and whisper back, “no way I just but in to my celebrity crush and didn’t even know it omg”. The girls begin to laugh at how long it took for that to click. I then put my head in my hands. Suddenly the girls stop laughing, time stopped moving and everybody stopped breathing. A silence fell throughout the entire restaurant. I look up to query why the silence fell. I soon find out why, it was Niall from one direction my idol, my crush. He was just standing there with a bag of food, in one hand and his phone in the other. I look at him and smile, he says “so I guess you like your food.” I nod and say “yeah a lot it’s my favourite part of the day.” I begin to blush, when he hands me his phone, and calmly says “well that’s mine too so maybe we should talk about it later.” I nod and take his phone to enter my number. That was when I notice he has already typed in the name box it said “the beautiful girl I met in Nando’s”. I now start to blush even more, by now I must look like I have painted myself with the ketchup. I glance over at the girls, who looked more shocked then me and nod at me encouragingly. So I type in my number and hand Niall he’s phone back. I then say to him “oh my names Paige by the way” with a smile he says “and mine is Niall nice to meet you Paige.” he then turns and walks out the door.

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