4 girls + 5 Guys = Love ?

When a girl meets a blue eyed, blonde haired fitty only sparks can fly. But when his friends met her sister and cousin only sparks can fly there too, right? Only time will tell, so sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life a long with a group of people I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.


7. The Prison of Snow

I open my eyes nearly blinded by the sun light streaming through a crack in the curtains. I start to rub my eyes but then I stopped, I could feel something warm and reassuring around my waist. I look down towards my waist; it’s a hand a big strong hand that makes me feel safe and secure. I began to follow the arm all the way to a head. I gasped a long shallow gasp. Niall, it’s Niall from ONE DIRECTION OMG as I was looking down upon his sweet, youthful face. A face, which even angels would be jealous of. All of the memories came flooding back with a huge gigantic wave, a wave so powerful it could destroy the white cliffs of Dover. I then began to shake my head to help me to focus on getting up and ready.
Firstly I have to try to get out of bed whilst avoiding waking up Niall and remove his hand. After a little while of slowly removing his hand inch by inch and then until eventually my waist was free from Niall’s grasp. I then creep out of bed careful not to wake Niall in the process. I started to quickly but quietly, tiptoe across the room towards my wardrobe grab my grey tracksuit and rush to the bathroom, to change.

As I just ran out my room and turned a corner I bumped head first into Katie “sorry” I say with a yawn. Katie whispers in an annoyed manner “so you should be” Oh and is Niall still here?” “Yeah” I reply with a nod, “where” Katie says, “my room” I reply with a slight smirk appearing on my face. “Did you well, you know” Katie says questioningly with a slight smile appearing on her face too. I reply with a shake of my head and say “stay out of my room he’s asleep ok?”

I walk into the bathroom and start to brush my teeth. Suddenly I see a blinding glow of white shining right at me. I then turn my head into the direction of the glow it seemed as if it was coming from outside the window. I spit out the toothpaste (I know gross but it was starting to burn). I stare out of the window in complete and utter shocked at the colour of the flat roofs around me. They were covered in thick white blankets of snow that made everything look entirely mysterious and magical, just like a completely different world to before. I could even say it looked just like an incredibly pretty winter wonder land. A place I have dreamt about so many times when I was a child. The snow looked so deep that in would be extremely difficult to even leave the flat.
From the bathroom it looked like the snow was so thick it covered half the front door which would make it impossible to leave now. As I was thinking this I realised that Niall would still not be able to go anywhere which means…. Shit I need to tell Niall and the girls about this! I then in Olympic speed got dressed and then went straight into my room to tell Niall about the fact he cannot leave (YES)

I stepped out of the bathroom and hastily walked back to my room, to find Niall still under my covers awake and sitting with his back pressed against the head board. I stare at him in horror at what he has in his hands. I shriek “that’s my note book, where I write stuff.” To which Niall smirks “I know my favourite one so far has to be, all these clothes and not a stitch to wear, I could go naked if I dare, but it’s kind of cold out there, so that’s a bad idea” he says rolling around holding his stomach and laughing.

I dive on to the bed trying to take back my note book and hide it (in a better place this time), but Niall lifts it above his head out of my reach. I pull the puppy dog eyes and face and say “please can I have that back, no one touches my note book.” To which he replies with a smirk forming across his lips “nope make me.” I raise an eyebrow and say “well ok now you’ve asked for it.” I crawl a little closer and pounce on him like a tiger that’s caught their prey; I begin to tickle him hoping he’s ticklish. He drops the note book to the floor so he could tickle me back I try to move his hands away so I could jump off the bed to collect my note book and protect it from Niall. He manages to stop me by pulling me back by the waist and pins me to the bed tickling my sides. He then flips me on to the bed to continue tickling me, so now he is straddled on top of me. I squirm to try and get out of his extremely tough superhero grip but I’m unsuccessful, he continues to tickle me when I hear coughing at the doorway. We break the gaze we have on each other’s eyes and we both looked towards the doorway to find Kim and Katie standing there phones at the ready.

Niall jumps up from the bed and from the straddling position, he was in. Ending up leaving me spread out across the bed. Looking like a starfish trying to catch its breath back, after being out of the ocean for a minute or two. He strides over towards the girls and says calmly “how long have you been there and what were you doing?” The girls just giggle and run into the living room. Niall follows; I drag myself off the bed and follow too. Once I enter the living room I notice Kim is starting to connect her phone to the T.V. Kim then says slyly, “So you two Niall and Paige sit down because we’re all going to watch a little show” with a huge smile appearing on her face. I and Niall follow our orders and sit on the sofa, next to each other; he wraps his arm around my waist as we wait.

Kim presses play and the video starts me and Niall turn to face each other and begin to laugh when we realize what we look like. (Yep the girls caught everything on video, how I have no idea) Kim stares at us trying to keep a straight face. She then threatens “I will post this on every media site known to man. Unless Niall; you call Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis and ask them to come here today if they are able to though. So we can meet them too, because we’re feeling left out Kim says with a pout. She then continues "you’re awesome. but we want to meet the others too.” Niall’s faces losses its sweet polite smile and says reluctantly “erm ok but I’m not promising anything.” Both Katie and Kim’s smiles widen as huge as a Cheshire cat’s. I suddenly remember, I had to tell everyone something before all of the excitement took place. I immediately jump up and say with importance, “there’s something I should probably tell you all, but you need to promise me that you’re not going to freak out ok?” They all nod in agreement, and I begin to speak again “erm well you know it was snowing last night, I don’t think it stopped and I think we maybe snowed in” I say rubbing my hand against my neck looking up at all three of them. Who are now open mouthed in shock, they all jump up and run to the window and look down. To see the winter wonderland that is the thick blanket of white snow before them, covering the entire street and as far as the eye can see.

Niall turns and walks over to me and embraces me into a tight hug and whispers in my ear “ the good thing is I get to spend the entire day with you which is awesome” a huge smile appears on my face and I begin to blush. Niall pulls away and starts to look stressed and says “but I’m supposed to be at four different interviews and signings today I better go call management and explain the situation.” I smile and nod, Niall hugs me once more, then he let’s go and walks in to my room to make his call.

I stroll over to the window where the girls are still stood staring. They turn to me and say in unison “so Niall’s still here, and we’re stuck here with no way of getting out” I simply smile and nod. Katie and Kim begin to speak once again; in unison (they seem to be doing that a lot lately). “have you forgotten that Niall’s favourite past time is eating and we have no food.” (Well come on what do you expect with me living there) I just stand there for a few seconds before it dawns on me what I’ve just been told. I shake my head and say “well let’s just hope he’s not hungry.”

Just as I say that Niall walks out of my room with a smile on his face. Which I thought was weird given the fact that he had just spoken to his management, but anyway I’ll question him later. Niall says “let’s hope who’s not hungry?” I smile and say “erm you, because we kind of have no food” Niall drops to the floor and starts to pretend to cry saying “oh no how will I ever survive?” I glance over at Kim and Katie who are in fits of laughter on the floor and to be honest I was almost doing the same. I walk over to Niall and pull him to his feet, wipe away his fake tears with my thumbs, pull him into a hug and whisper him his ear “don’t worry everything will be fine I promise.” Niall hugs me back and sniffled out an “okay.”

We break away from the hug and sit on the sofa, next to each other. Niall once again wraps an arm around my waist, but this time he pulls me into his lap. So I make myself more comfortable and nestle my head into his neck and sigh. Niall whispers “so I spoke to management” I nod and say “oh cool, what did they say?” Niall replies chuckling “well they said it was ok because the other boys are stuck as well.” Katie’s ears prick up at this point and turns to look Niall as she says “oh are they, where?” Niall coughs and says, well they’re kind of already here.” As soon as we all heard that all three of us turn round to face Niall with an extremely surprised look. If we had won the lottery we would not be as happy and excited as we are right now. Niall continues to speak and says “well they’re here in the building somewhere but I don’t know where, they all came with Louis to see Eleanor and her roommates.” We all looked at Niall stunned OMG!!! 

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