4 girls + 5 Guys = Love ?

When a girl meets a blue eyed, blonde haired fitty only sparks can fly. But when his friends met her sister and cousin only sparks can fly there too, right? Only time will tell, so sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life a long with a group of people I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.


10. The Big Question - unedited

The Big Question.


Niall’s P.O.V


So it’s been almost an hour since we posted the interview, and my twitter has pretty much blown up with both fans and haters, asking who I’m dating. The haters they probably want to know so they can find something wrong with Paige, but to be honest in my eyes, I don’t ever think there will ever be anything wrong with her. And the fans or should I say Directioners  well they probably will do the same I just hope that they don’t direct all their feelings on to Paige, she really doesn’t need that.  I’m not even sure how to answer any of their questions. I mean I don’t even know if we are dating, I haven’t formally asked Paige to be my girlfriend yet. 


After we posted the video my mum called so I excused myself from the room. And walked in to Paige’s room, sat on the bed and pressed the green answer button, inhaled a deep breath and said “Hey mum”


(Niall in italics, Niall’s mum in bold)

“Hi honey, I saw your interview”


“Oh did you?”


“Yes I did, so who is she?”

“Oh no not you too, that’s all my fans keep asking”

“Yes me too, Niall I’m your mum now tell me or do I have to call one of the other boys?”

“No don’t do that I’ll tell you, what do you want to know?”

Well everything, but start with her name and where you met her.”

  “Okay her name is Paige she’s nineteen, she’s at UNI right now studying to be a writer she’s really talented.  I met her just after our last concert before our three month break, in a Nandoo’s ironically. And mum she’s amazing, she eats just about as much as me, she can make me laugh, Paige doesn’t seem care that I’m in this band to her I’m just Niall, she’s amazingly beautiful. I really hit the jackpot this time mum.     

 “Aw honey that’s really sweet, so how did you ask her out?”

“Well that’s the thing I kind of, haven’t I just assumed we were, already going out, so when I said what I did during the interview, she was shocked to say the lest.”

“Well that is understandable”

“Yeah I know that’s why I’ve decided to do something about it.”


Kim’s P.O.V.

So the interviews are done and we’re now all just watching T.V. and talking I can’t help but notice these weird little looks that are being exchanged between Kayliegh and Louis, its really quite sweet but I’m sure he has a girlfriend.


But anyway I was just speaking to Liam and Harry, and according to Liam, management were happy with the response that the interview was getting online, but they were not happy about Niall’s little revelation. Which I don’t understand in the slightest, what’s it got to do with them who Niall is seeing?


 Since I had my little talk with Zayn earlier, I can’t seem to shake his chiseled feature’s, he’s beamingly addictive smile, the sparkle that overwhelms his bark brown eyes, even the slight stubble shadow from my mind.  I just can’t help but replay our conversation in my head over and over again, all I want to do is speak to him again but I have no idea how.


I need to talk to the girls and my new BFF Kayliegh but to do that I’m going to need to distract the boys long enough to do so.


Paige’s P.O.V.


I know this may sound clingy and stupid but I miss Niall he left about an hour ago to take a call but he still hasn’t come back.  So I decided to go check to make sure the call wasn’t bad news. I excused myself and walked to my room. I knocked lightly but got no reply. So I pushed the door open to find Niall guitar in hand, head phones in and sitting with his back pressed against my head board.


I coughed slightly and then smiled letting him know I was standing there he looked up and smiled at me. Which instantly melted my heart. I giggled slightly. Niall just smiled at me and said “sorry how long have I been away?” “oh not long just an hour, I just wanted to erm check you were okay” I reply smiling and slowly walking to the bed and taking a seat. “I’m fine, I just needed sometime to think about things” he says sighing but smiling at the same time. “oh” I reply feeling slightly sad that he might be thinking about his relationship with me.  (I really hate the fact that this is the first thing I think of.)


Niall shifts his weight so that he is now sitting next to me.  I glance at him and give him a half hearted smile then place my gaze back to the floor. Over thinking everything yet again, when Niall surprises me by taking his arm and placing it around my waist, pulling me close and lifting my chin with his other hand. Looking me straight in the eye and whispers “look Paige I know what you’re thinking so please, please stop because I would never regret anything I do with you.” I took a deep breath and exhaled replying “really?” “yes Paige really” Niall says pulling me even closer and up off the bed, with a giggle.


“Niall where are we going?” I ask just as we’re leaving my room, Niall stops and turns to face me “the living room, you know what your sister and cousin are like and trust me the boys are even worse” Niall says chuckling “yeah I guess they are pretty bad” I say giggling.


We walk coyly into the living room and Niall takes a seat and pulls me into his lap. Zayn then gazes up at us and a hearty chuckle escapes his lips when he says “oh good you two are back we were just about to send out a search party to find you” “oh really it wouldn’t have taken you long” I reply sarcastically.


Zayn’s P.O.V


“Oh good you two are back we were just about to send out a search party to find you” I say suppressing a laugh “oh really it wouldn’t have taken you long” Paige replies I’m sure sarcastically, I’m really starting to like her. She’s strong well that’s how she comes across, and Niall, well that goofy loved up smile hasn’t left that little leprechaun’s face since he met her. I never actually thought he’d be confident enough to ask for a girl’s number so I’m proud. Pagie seems to have this affect on him its like, now he has her he’s invincible and can do anything.


Yesterday just before their first date Niall was on twitter scrolling through it, when he came across a mention that pretty much just told him to go die. Normally he would pull this face that made it obvious that what he had read hurt him, but instead he replied saying thanks, then he showed myself and the boys, then laughed and left. It was really odd now he just seems to be so much more confident.


When ever Niall spoke about Paige he never told us that she had a sister who was so… so cute, sweet, just all around lovely. I’ve only spoken to her for twenty minutes and it was almost as if she didn’t even know who I was which is great.  It means I can have an actually conversation with her without her screaming or crying which if I’m honest makes a great change. I think I like her a lot., and when she hugged me earlier she fit, it was like she was a puzzle piece that I was missing and now I was complete, wow that sounded really soppy.


To be honest right now I have to control my breathing just so my hurt doesn’t pound out of my chest.


“So guys it’s kind of late what are we gonna do?” I say to no one in particular. “We should probably eat since we haven’t all day I’m surprised Niall hasn’t run away to Nando’s yet.” Kim says giggling. Even her giggle set of a spark in my heart and I’ve only known her about six hours. What am I going to do? Niall sends Kim a look and starts to laugh himself and says “t-that’s only because I found something I like more then food” in between laughs. Now that I wasn’t expecting.


Katie’s P.O.V  


“T-that’s only because I found something I like more then food” Niall says laughing the entire room erupted into “aw’s” and “oh’s” I’ve never seen a guy so, red as he was after that.  And Paige’s face well that was a picture too, she then leant over and whispered something in Niall’s ear that instantly made him stop laughing and his face light up.(I wonder what she said )


 Anyways Harry right now is sitting ridiculously close to me which seems to have made my heart jump out of my chest and into my throat.  But I’m not complaining omg now he’s smiling, I can see dimples oh my god what did I just do?


“Katie did you just poke me in the cheek?” Harry asks me with an amused look on his face. “Y-yes” I say looking at the floor, my face becoming redder by the nano second. “Why?” Harry asks me with an almost straight face. “To be honest I erm have no idea” I reply looking up from the floor meeting Harrys’ green orb’s, which are now glinting which a mischievous sparkle. “H-harry what are you doing?” I ask as he leans over me. He tackles me tickling my sides. I shriek “Harry s-stop!” he replies laughing evilly “nope.”


 “Ha this is like Dayj Vu” Kim snorts laughing. “Huh” Zayn asks “well this morning we caught Mr Irish over here and my wonderful sister, having now I know what you’re thinking. You dirty minded pervs. They were having a tickle fight and well if we hadn’t walked in when we did it could have well let’s just say escalated.”  Kim explains “oh escalated hey” Louis says with a smirk and a raised eyebrow aimed at both Paige and Niall who were looking at each other and then the floor. “And we caught it ALL on video you wanna see?” I exclaim and leap from the sofa pushing Harry to the ground.


Niall’s P.O.V


Okay Niall deep breath, I say in my head as I pull my self and Paige off of her sofa and towards her room I sit Paige on her bed and say “okay Paige there’s something I need to do and you need to come with me.” “okay I didn’t really want to see that video again just yet. I’ll have to get my own copy for when I miss you.” Paige replies blushing again this just makes her even more adorable. “so where we going?” Paige asks standing to stand in front of me staring into my eyes with hers which just mesmerize me. I shake my head to pull myself out of my thoughts. “it’s a secret just change into something warm and I’ll be back in half an hour the guys will tell you where I am meet me there okay?” I say placing my hands on Paige’s waist. “Okay I’ll miss you” Paige chirps draping her arms around my neck pulling me close and locking her lips to mine.


Her kisses the only way I can describe them is like getting hit by lightning repeatedly and then getting goose bumps pop up all over your body. I pull away for the kiss and peck her nose and say “I’ll miss you too” I walk out for the room closing the door behind me.  I walk into the living room grabbing the boys and Kayliegh.  I explain to Kim and Katie that Paige will need their help to get ready and they only have half an hour to do it. They both rush off to Paige’s’ room and I do the same out the door and to Eleanor’s flat followed by Kayliegh and the boy’s. I sneakily sent El a text while I was in Paige’s’ room earlier asking for her help.


I quickly Knock on Eleanor’s’ door which she opens and hands me everything I asked for. I have no idea how she managed it but she some how had everything I asked for all ready at her place before I even asked for it.  But I guess great minds think alike right? 


After grabbing the stuff I bolt up the stairs to the roof followed by Kayliegh and the boys. Luckily the snow has almost melted leaving just a thin layer almost like a duvet it really does look beautiful.


I quickly hand everyone their jobs and we get to work.


Paige’s P.O.V


Soon after Niall left I just wanted him back just to hug me, sad right?  I walked over to my closet to find something to wear when Katie and Kim burst through the door. I look at them in surprise which they just return with an expression that can only be described as excitement. “we’re here to help” they exclaim. “Erm okay?” I reply. Kim grabs my hands and pulls me to my vanity forcing me to take a seat. She brushes my hair and braids it loosely to the right hand side she then spins me around I’m guessing so she could work on my face. I wasn’t even allowed to look mirror so at this moment I have no idea what I look like.


She the pushes me towards the bathroom where Katie hands me my grey stone washed skinny jeans, brown ankle leather boots, oversized pale pink woolen jumper, brown leather studded jacket and black beanie.  I rush in to the bathroom glace in the mirror to look at my face which looks AMAZING if I do say so myself. I quickly change and walk out to be surrounded by Katie, Kayliegh, Kim, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis. I look at them all they all just look at me with huge smiles on their faces. I say with a cheeky grin “soo where’s Niall?” “the roof” they all say, “how do I look?” I say smiling. “Amazing now go!” Kayliegh, Kim and Katie squeal.


I take a deep breath walk out the door and up the stairs to the roof.


Niall’s P.O.V   


Everything is set and Paige will be here any second. I’ve never been this nervous not even when we played MSG for the first time. My stomach well that’s a swarm of butterflies the size of basketballs. To be honest this time I think might be the last time I ever ask this question. I know that’s probably thinking to far ahead but when you know something’s right it normally is.


I shake my head to clear my thoughts as her melodious voice carries my name to my ears “Niall?” “Hey” I say beaming at Paige walking over to engulf her in a hug.  I pull away already missing her warmth but I need to do this before I lose my nerve. I looked down into her eyes and say “I said to dress warm not beautiful”, “I know just thought I’d try both” Paige replies smiling and giggling. Then she looks around the roof top that is now covered in tinkling white fairy lights and candles. “Wow Niall you did all this for me? It’s beautiful” “yeah I had a little help” I reply with my hands still wrapped tightly around her waist.


I walk us both over to the roofs edge and swing my legs over sitting on the roof top, with my feet balanced on a wide ledge so there is no way of falling. Form up here you can pretty much see half of London and it’s covered in twinkling lights just like the roof top, it really is beautiful with now almost melted.  I take Paige’s hand and tell her to do the same as I did which she does cautiously.  She looks at me and smiles but not only with her lips but her eyes.  “so why are we up here Niall?” Paige questions. I cough and rub the back neck and say, “Well I know that what I said in the interview shocked you so I wanted to, ask you properly.” I take Paige’s tiny hand in mine, take a beep breath and utter the words I’ve wanted to the since second I met her.


My voice shaky from nerves I say “Paige will you officially make me the happiest guy around and be my girlfriend?”            


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