4 girls + 5 Guys = Love ?

When a girl meets a blue eyed, blonde haired fitty only sparks can fly. But when his friends met her sister and cousin only sparks can fly there too, right? Only time will tell, so sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life a long with a group of people I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.


15. Sleeping Twitter Pictures and an Invitation Too Good to Miss - unedited

Sleeping Twitter Pictures and an Invitation Too Good to Miss


Kayliegh’s P.O.V.


I honestly have no clue what has came over me in the past few minutes, maybe it’s the alcohol that is currently coursing through my veins. Or maybe it’s me finally feeling free enough to grab what I’ve wanted so long for and running with it. I kind of like this ‘new’ free feeling and indestructible me.


As Louis lips interlocked with mine for the second time in seconds, everything bad that has happened, everything that I ever thought was wrong with me, all the pain that I carry around with me, just melted away almost as if Louis some how absorbed them into himself taking them from me.


Most people would describe their first proper kiss an experience that filled their stomachs with butterflies maybe even set their hearts a flutter. This kiss was that multiplied by a billion. The heart fluttering felt more like a heart attack and the butterflies felt more like a nuclear bomb going off.


As we pulled away my arms wrapped comfortably around Lou’s neck, his hands placed on my hips. We both just stood there gazing into each others eyes, not blinking in case we missed a second of each other. I just stood there soaking up this moment; no this was our moment one that could never have happened, without my amazing medaling cousin who right now I owe my life too.


I wiped my gaze from his eyes as I herd footsteps coming towards us, I dropped my hands from his neck too and instantly saw a glint of hurt flash through his eyes. I smiled quickly at him reassuring him, my actions had nothing to do with him.  He dropped his hands from my hips and smiled back.


Within seconds the cupboard doors were ripped open by Liam followed by the rest of the group who all look rather pleased with themselves. Liam just smirked as if he knew what had just happened but there is no way he could have, because right now I don’t even know. Yeah we kissed twice and he did kiss me first, but that doesn’t mean he likes me, he can’t, the only reasonable explanation for this is that he was upset that him and Ell spilt and was caught up in the moment.


I shake my head slightly holding in a blush when Niall pipes up and says “So did you guys have fun” winking at the two of us.  Louis coughs and pushes his way through the group. I follow hiding my face. When I step into the living room the lights and power were back on.


How long were we in there for?


Liam’s P.O.V


I knew it would work, they kissed it was obvious as soon as I opened the door.  I’m glad my little plan worked, me, Harry and Dani have secretly been plaining this since we got back.


After we went to the café and Lou went to Ell’s I knew something was up. So me being the father like figure I went to Louis’ and we talked.  He told me everything, about how Ell had cheated, how things just didn’t feel the same anymore.  It took a lot of prompting but I got him to tell me about his feelings for Kayliegh too.


As we talked about Kay it almost looked as if he was realising how he truly felt for the first time. We talked for hours; we talked through everything I’ve agreed to help him. He had no idea about the plan for tonight though.


Now its five a.m. and everyone but me is asleep. So I thought I’d hone my ninja skills, the entire group stayed here last night just because we were all to lazy to go home.


I started by walking to Harry’s room who is sharing with Katie, I silently pushed the door open and snuck in now I know I may seem like a creeper but I’m not. I tip toed to the bed where the two of them were asleep, I wall of pillows had been built and demolished by Harry’s legs, Katie shuffled slightly backwards snuggling her back into Harry’s chest, Harry almost instantly wrapped his arm around Katie’s waist pulled her closer and buried his face in her hair. Katie grabbed the quilt and pulled it over them. I wiped out my phone snapped a picture and snuck back out.


Next on my sleeping picture hit list was Zayn and Kim. I followed the same routine and looked at them sleeping.  Zayn was sat on the sofa, his arms wrapped protectively around Kim’s waist; Kim’s face was buried in Zayn’s neck and both of them covered in one of the blankets form earlier. I took another picture and turned my attention to Kayliegh and Liam.  Who at the start of the night fell asleep on opposite ends of the other sofa but now they’re all cuddled up together.  I took yet another picture but this time I sent it to my mum and Dani.


Lastly were Paige and Niall who were in Niall’s room. I followed my pervious Ninja technique. Niall was laid on his back with one arm tucked under his head, Paige’s head was rested against Niall’s chest as if she was listening to his heart beat. Niall’s other arm was hooked around Paige’s waist. The smile that Niall has had super glued to his lips since the night he meet her seems to get bigger the more time they send with each other.  I don’t actually think I’ve seen the boys this happy in forever and I can honestly say, I think this happiness is due to these three girls who are beginning to change things, not just for the band but for Kayliegh, she seems so happy. 


After I finished my sleeping picture rounds I sent a quick tweet which read: @Real_Liam_Payne: It’s 5:30 a.m. and I’m in a flat full of sleeping couples:TwitPic


I hit tweet and uploaded a picture of the six of them asleep merged together I must admit it looked pretty good all I can hope now is that they don’t kill me in a few hours.


The next morning:


Katie’s P.O.V


“ARRRRR Liam I am going to bloody kill you!” I screamed marching through Harry and Niall’s place closely followed by the other girls. When we finally find him he’s mindlessly drinking a cup of tea, which he places on the table as soon as he sees the look of pure anger that covered our faces. “And why would that be Katie?” Liam quizzes, “This” Kayliegh barks tossing the phone at Liam. “Oh the tweet, you saw it then?” Liam quizzes again “No shit Sherlock, our twitter pages have been blowing up since you posted the picture.” Paige barks trying really hard not to let a smile slip on to her face. “Okay I’m sorry but you were all too cute for me too resist it.” Liam tries to reason with us.


“Okay I agree it is kind of cute, but Liam me and Harry aren’t even a couple.” I retaliate, next was Kay “Liam how could you Lou and Ell only recently just spilt, the fans don’t even know yet, and now when they do they’ll think it’s my fault.”  Then Kim spoke up “Me and Zayn have only been on ONE date granted it was one of the greatest nights of my life (Ops I don’t think that was supposed to slip out. Hehe) but I don’t want the fans to know that yet!” Lastly was Paige “Liam I can’t believe you, the fans know that me and Niall like each other, but not I repeat NOT that we are together, I have a feeling the press are going to eat us alive now!”


Liam just sat there taking each blow looking every sorry. Good so he should be. “To say sorry I’d like to make it up to you” we all just stood there urging Liam to carry on which he did, “tonight we have we have a corporate dinner and we would like you girls to come as our dates” “EK” we all shriek running over to hug Liam who chokes out “wait there’s more.”  “More?” we collectively quiz.


“Yes we’d like you to take these and go buy yourselves nice formal dresses” Harry says appearing from no where with the other guys who have huge grins on their faces, each one of them handing us credit cards with our name on.  We all look at the boys and ask “really?” “yes!” the boy say in unison. “But how, what, when,?” Paige asked flabbergasted.


Liam giggled yes giggled “I asked Paul to sort them out this morning, for one Knowing three of you are students and for another I hoped this would maybe make up for the picture thing?” “Yes it does” Kayliegh squeaks hugging her cousin so tightly his head might pop off.


After another ten minutes happy dancing we said goodbye and headed out to find the perfect dresses.             

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