4 girls + 5 Guys = Love ?

When a girl meets a blue eyed, blonde haired fitty only sparks can fly. But when his friends met her sister and cousin only sparks can fly there too, right? Only time will tell, so sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life a long with a group of people I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.


12. Revelations and Games -unedited


Louis' P.O.V

"I what" I quizzed 'El' taking a seat, running a hand through my hair and sighing. "You love her Lou it's obvious and she loves you too she always has, you've just been to blind thinking that you're in love with me to see the looks she sends you." "Oh" was all I could say. Had I really been that oblivious to not see that the more time I spent with Kay the more I needed?

I walked back to my flat with my mind all screwed up, I just found out my girlfriend has been cheating on me for the past month, that everyone but me seems know that I'm in love with Kayliegh, oh and me and the girl I thought I loved have just split up after two years.

As I walk I think about everything, just as I get to my front door, I slide the key in the lock, turn it, push the wooden door open and then walk into my home. Everything now seems to make a lot more sense the reasons why I and 'Ell' were so distant over the past month and why I just can't seem to get enough of the time I spend with Kayliegh. As I get comfortable on my sofa I lean my head on the back and slowly close my eyes.

I remember about a month ago when me and the boys were in the USA, Liam flew Kay out for the weekend whilst we were on a short break. We all went out for dinner when she landed and now I think about it she really did look beautiful, no not beautiful, she looked as if she had just stepped catalogue almost model like. She was perfect.


We ate dinner all together mainly talking about the tour and Kay's studies; I couldn't stop staring at her eyes they're just hypnotising. After about an hour we had finished and were walking back to the bus to get some sleep.

I remember lying in my bunk that night at around three a.m. just lying there I hadn't spoken to 'Ell' in what seemed to be forever. I just lay not moving just thinking. Then I heard a noise, I jumped from my bunk (I know stupid move you don’t have to tell me) I grabbed Niall’s guitar to use as a weapon, lifted it above my shoulder ready to swing and walked into the living space.  I looked to the left then the right, I nearly jumped through the roof of the bus when I spotted Kay perched on top of the kitchen counter.


I gently placed the guitar against the wall and walked over to Kayliegh. I was stood just in front her when she finally looked up from her steaming cup. Her hair which had formed a curtain around her face had moved and was being tucked behind her ear, as she greeted me with a sorry smile. “Sorry did I wake you” she whispered, “no I was kind of awake already, why you up anyway?” I whisper back taking the coffee pot and pouring myself a cup of caffeine goodness. I then take a seat on one of the bar stalls as she whispers her response. “I couldn’t sleep and to be honest I haven’t been able to for a long time properly anyway. What about you, why are you up?” As she stood and poured herself another cup adding four heaped teaspoons of sugar and took a seat on the stool next to me I replied. “ I couldn’t sleep either, it seems my mind just wants to keep running around its like my brains running a marathon and is only at the half way point.” I chuckled then Kayliegh did something I wasn’t expecting.


She stood up, walked to the right hand side of me, grabbed my hand, pulled me up so was close to her, she then wrapped her arms around my waist tightly. All I could do was hug her back, as soon as I wrapped my arms around her she buried her head in my chest and I buried my face in her hair.  I remember at that moment feeling like the world had stopped.


Up until now I think I ignored what happened that night. I ignored my heart rate increasing so much it felt as if my heart was going to burst straight through my rib cage.   I ignored the swarm of butterflies in my stomach, how right life felt when she was in my arms. How when she pulled away, looked into my eyes and said “I’m here for you Lou and I always will be”  then pulled away completely and walked away from me, I missed her I wanted her back there wrapped in my arms where everything for once  made complete sense..




At this point my eyes shoot open and I’m pulled from my dreamland, I scrunch my eyes closed, sighed and the trudged to the front door. I swung the door open only to be greeted by ‘Daddy Direction’ himself.


Katie’s P.O.V.


After our lunch I, Paige, Kay and Kim headed to Oxford Street for some retail therapy. As we enter Primark (what their stuff isn’t that bad.) Kim turns to us as we enter the elevator and says excitedly; “tonight’s the night I talk to the Zayn Malik without looking like a twit” ‘ding’ goes the lift as we reach our desired floor. “Are you sure Kim?” Kayliegh questions, “yes I’m sure. Why else would I suggest shopping I need your help to find the perfect outfit!” Kim squealed linking her arms with me and Kay. We all burst into hysterics as we split from each other and raced around the store finding Kim the perfect outfit.


As I strolled down the isles my finger tips lightly skimmed the fabrics. My mind transports me back to two years ago, I remember the events of that night so vividly it’s almost as if they only happened yesterday, I remember Paige’s terrified screams, her uncontrollable sobs, I remember sitting in her hospital room holding her hand, as I watched her slowly break and as pieces of her sole dissolved, slowly becoming nothing but a shell of the person she was.


As I carry on walking along the isles I grab a few items and shake the uneasy thoughts from my sub-consciousness.  I continue to walk around the store, after ten minutes I finally find the others and we head to the changing rooms.


The first outfit Kim tried out was just horrible, as we continued our mini fashion show Paige asks a question I really whished she hadn’t, “so we all know Kim likes Zayn, I Have a boyfriend which still feels weird to say, but who do you two like? There has to be somebody and I’ll know if you lie to me.” Paige questions giggling towards the end. All attention turned to me I could feel my cheeks begin to heat up. “Ooo there is” Kay spoke excitedly I just nodded in response. “who?” Kim questions from behind the changing room curtain. “Harry” I cough, “did you say Harry?” Paige questions again.


“Y-yes?” I stutter my answer coming out as more of a question. “yes! I knew it!” Kim shrieked stepping through the curtain in the perfect outfit for the task in hand.   “okay I like harry a lot but there’s no way he’s ever going to like me back anyway. So Kay do you like anyone?” I question quickly trying to shift the attention from me to Kayliegh.

“Erm... yeah I do but if I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone. But before I do can we get some coffee I need a caffeine fix and quick.  We quickly got in the queue and brought Kim’s clothes.


We stepped out of the store and into the icy wind and barrage of people that litter the streets of London. We walked the sort distance to the coffee shop, entered through the automatic doors where we were greeted by the aroma of coffee beans and pastries. The four of us inhaled the intoxicating aroma getting to the queue and placing our orders. Kim said “one tall hot chocolate please” “coming up. Name?” said the cashier, “DJ Malik’s Lady” Kim replies giggling. “Okay” the cashier who was around our age replied. Next to order was Kayliegh, “One tall hot chocolate and a pecan cookie please.” “Sure. Name?” responded the cashier, “Erm.. Lil miss carrot.”  Kay answered giggling just like Kim. I was next I ordered a tall hot chocolate giving may name as “little Red  Kit Kat Styles” to which the cashier just gave me a funny look. Last to order was Paige now for her things went a little differently. “Hey” said Paige, “Could I get a.” Paige continued only to be cut off by the cashier squealing “O.M.G ! I know who you are, your Paige Niall Horan’s princess. You’re so lucky you know that?” for what Paige said next I truly have to admire her for, she simply smiled and said “Yes I am and I know thanks but could I just get a Latte please?” “Oh yeah sorry what would be the name?” the cashier replied. “Oh surprise me” Paige replied with a smile.


Moments later our names were called, “Tall hot chocolate for a ‘DJ Malik’s Lady , a tall hot chocolate for a ‘Lil Miss Carrot’, a tall hot chocolate for a ‘Little Red Kit Kat Styles and a tall Latte for a ‘Niall’s Princess’” breathed the cashier handing us our drinks as we just stood there laughing at the ridiculous names we had given ourselves.  As we took our seats and eventually calmed down I quickly snapped a picture of our cups and posted it on twitter and Instagram with the caption: @lilredkati3(A.N. Katie’s real Instagram go check her out!) coffee with the girls. Can you guess who’s cup is who’s?


After a moment’s silence Kay cleared her throat and said “I like Louis a lot I might even be in love with him”





Zayn’s P.O.V.       


After lunch we all except Louis and Liam headed to Harry and Niall’s Flat to play some C.O.D (I know typical guy move)  don’t ask me where Lou went because I have no idea but I hope he’s going to see El. It’s obvious to everyone but him that El just doesn’t make him as happy anymore. I just hope he figures it all out before he loses something or should I say someone, which could change his life.  The sad thing is they’ve been under his nose for the past few years and he just hasn’t noticed.


Three hours of C.O.D later my phone buzzed, I pulled it out of my pocket and opened up the message.


Text message from: Kim x

Hey Zayn I wondered if you maybe wanted to hang out tonight, just the two of us, maybe get to know each other a little better. J Kim


Just those few words sped up my heart, caused my breath to become hitched in my throat, I replied tapping on the keys as fast as my fingers would allow.





Text message to: Kim

Hey Kim, that would be great just name a time and a place and I’ll be there. J  Zayn x


Oh no I shouldn’t have put a kiss at the end I’m so stupid, I thought then my phone buzzed again causing me to jump and hit Niall round the back of his head with my phone. “OW!” Niall exclaimed. “Sorry mate” I mumbled.  I quickly opened the message.


Text message from; Kim x

                        Yay! Okay cool, meet me in the words at 7? Kim x


Text message to: Kim x

                        Okay? But how will I find you in the woods? Zayn x


Text message from: Kim x

                        Trust me you’ll find me ;) lol Kim x



(Time jump)


It’s now six fifty five and I’ve just arrived at the woods. I step out of my car and begin to walk. I look around and notice little purple ribbons tied to the trees I walk up to the first one and untie it. This reveals a note which reads: so you found the first one now follow the ribbons, I’ll be waiting. K x   


I do as the note says and follow them, eventually I come to a clearing, which is right in the middle of the woods.  Just to the edge of the clearing is a waterfall which given the temperature isn’t flowing as freely as it should.  This whole place seems to have a mystical vibe to it. It’s almost as if this place has only ever been seen by my eyes.


I take in the beauty of this place, which seems to have been untouched by human hands. When I feel a presence beside me, I turn and gaze into a pair of eyes that seem to have left me breathless. “so you found me then?” a voice questions it’s only then that I realise those eyes belong to a girl I’ve only known for two days, a girl who I have fallen for and I’m sure if she doesn’t catch me I’m going to hit the ground hard!   


“Yep I sure did” I say trying to sound as confident as possible. Kim smiles and my complete dorkiness.



Kim’s P.O.V


“Yep I sure did” Zayn said standing there in a black v neck tee-shirt, black skinny jeans, black jacket and those oh so geeky but hot glasses that make him look like a much hotter version of Clark Kent. I began to giggle at his cuteness. I swallowed hard and looked at what I was wearing.


A few hours earlier when we all hit the shops I decided on a pair of black skinny jeans with sliver embroidery on the back pockets, a simple white vest top covered by a chunky light brown knitted jumper, covered again by Paige’s Leather jacket and on my feet, a pair of patient black leather D.M’s. My hair was In a cute ballerina bun, with a few strands falling out.


“So, I thought maybe we could play a game, to just break the ice a little?”  I spoke slowly taking Zayn’s hand and leading him over to a rock to take a seat.  As soon as our hands connected a jolt of electricity shot through my arm straight to my heart.


I pulled what I needed from the basket I had placed there earlier.  “A game?” Zayn quizzed me looking extremely quizzed. “Yeah a little game I like to call the I have never chilli challenge. All you have to do is play I have never and then if you haven’t done what I ask you eat a slightly hot pepper. Simples.” I answer smiling and taking a seat in front of him and crossing my legs. I place the peppers in between us both.


“Let the games begin!” Zayn smirks.


(Zayn in bold Kim in italics)


“I have never told a friend they look good to protect them”

(Kim eats pepper)


“I have never gotten a tattoo that I drew my self”

 (Both eat a pepper)


“I have never aggravated a monkey at the Zoo”

(Kim eats pepper)


“I have never confronted a fear”

(Zayn eats pepper)


“I have never eaten this many peppers before”

(Kim eats pepper)


“I have never been kissed”


“Are you serious?” Zayn asks I just nod feeling ashamed. I don’t even know why I just said that. I just feel like I can trust Zayn.  I look up into Zayn’s eyes which are sparkling now.“ C-could I maybe change that?) Zayn asks biting at his bottom lip.  I look at him shocked, a smile tugs at the corners of my mouth when I simply nod my head.


Before I knew what was going on we both were leaning in and …. 




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