4 girls + 5 Guys = Love ?

When a girl meets a blue eyed, blonde haired fitty only sparks can fly. But when his friends met her sister and cousin only sparks can fly there too, right? Only time will tell, so sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life a long with a group of people I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.


1. Introductions

Hi, my name's Paige, I'm nineteen, I have blue eyes, reddish brown straight hair that comes half way down my back. I'm 5ft 4 inches, I wouldn’t say I was pretty in fact I think I'm below average no matter what other people say. I'm probably the most confident out of my friends, and I seem to talk A LOT but anyway. That’s just me.

I live in London with my amazing sister Kim, she’s eighteen. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s nothing like me (which is a great thing). She has greeny, blue eyes that remind me of shiny pearls that can only be found at the bottom of the ocean. Pretty much everyone in my family share this eye colour (which I am very jealous of) her hair well that's amazing too, its really long and thick and mousy brown in colour with natural dirty blonde highlights. Kim’s hair is so pretty that every hair dresser in the country wants to cut it but, she won’t let them (to be honest I don't blame her). She’s 5ft and probably the quietest out of the out of the little group, I seem to be forming in this tiny little flat.

Oh and lastly (well that is for now until I remember someone else) there's my fantastic cousin Katie. She and my sister, well if I showed you a picture you would properly think that Katie and Kim were the sisters. Katie anyway is eighteen. She also has the most highly gorgeous green eyes that are as green as a lawn of freshly cut grass on a summer’s day. Katie is 5ft 1 inch; she has mousy brown hair cut into a bob with a longish fringe which suits her. Katie well she’s quiet and slightly under confident. Even though, she's wickedly talented and beautiful. I just wish there was a way I could make her see that.

So the flat that we live in is tiny. It has three bedrooms all decorated to the same standard, but mine is slightly different. The biggest wall is covered in pieces of paper, post it notes and the odd poster. These pieces of paper are covered in notes for poems, song lyrics and stories. Kim’s room is pretty much covered in photos of our family and her friends, I guess she's kind of home sick. Katie’s bedroom is really minimal. With nothing other than a picture in a frame of when she hugged Harry Styles, (I know weird). She says it keeps her focused on what she want’s in the future.

All three of us are at Uni studying different things. Me as you may have guessed I LOVE to write but never really thought of it as a career until two years ago. When I wrote a play for my school which everyone told me was great. So I decided to write more and then see how it goes. Kim she's awesome with children and loves them a lot. So she wants to change the world through the children she teaches. When, she passes her exams to become a teacher. Katie she's going to become an actress and one day she will dominate in Hollywood.

All three of our personalities are completely different. Kim is quiet at first until you get to know her. That is when she stops being so reserved and says what she thinks and feels, but for her to do that she has to trust you and that takes time. Other than that she's really funny, caring and just an awesome person to be around. Katie she's quiet and keeps herself to herself until you say or do something to get her mad. So if you’re not careful she might blow up in your face, but that’s just because of her past. Katie tries to forget it but it keeps coming back to kick her where it hurts.

Lastly me I'm a confident, protective, excitable and also very easily distracted until it comes to the important things. I am also very memorable in both good and bad ways (mostly good though I hope). People have said in the past I am loveable, but I feel massively insecure. Although I am not entirely sure why, but I am kind of thinking it is something to do with my past. I know it makes no sense, but because of these insecurities that I have had over the years. I've learnt to put up a wall and wear a protective mask so; I can hide my true feelings and not get hurt. This mask shows a confident me that everyone knows and loves, whilst on the inside I eat away at myself. By wondering about all the things people hate about me like my weight, the colour of my hair, the way I dress or even the way I speak. I hide all of these self-assessments that I make about myself because; I don't want to be seen as weird or weak because that’s when you are bound get hurt.

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