4 girls + 5 Guys = Love ?

When a girl meets a blue eyed, blonde haired fitty only sparks can fly. But when his friends met her sister and cousin only sparks can fly there too, right? Only time will tell, so sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life a long with a group of people I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.


8. Hide and Seek

Paige’s P.O.V

I look over towards Niall, who has the world’s biggest grin on his face. Obviously, completely unaware of the fan-girling destruction he has just unwittingly released on my innocent neighbors’.

Kim shrieks “OMG really their here in our building, well we have to go find them” I shoot a glare at her. I try to calm her down and restrain her to prevent absolute mayhem. Niall takes hold of my hand and squeezes’ it reassuringly telling me everything’s going to be fine. I find it so strange how he can calm me down like this with just a touch and how I feel like I can trust him even after everything I’ve been through in the past few years. I crane my neck and look into Niall’s eyes and tug the corners of my mouth into a thanking smile, which he returns.
By the time I and Niall look back to where the girls were standing we realized that they had disappeared.


Katie’s P.O.V

So, while Paige and Niall were making gushy faces at each other again (gag). Not really, it’s really amazing seeing Paige so totally happy after her last guy. She dated this guy for nearly two years. Unfortunately, Paige could not see that the guy was a complete idiot, until at the very end of the relationship. When she finally realized just how much of an idiot he was. It was so hard for us to see Paige so very hurt, but that’s a different story for a totally different day. I and Kim snuck out so we could go find the rest of One Direction boys, who are in our building.

I close the door quietly and turn to Kim who I had dragged out by her wrist; we both smile devilishly with a glint of mischief within both our pupils. I whisper 1, 2, 3, GO!!!! We both sprint off in different directions.

Paige’s P.O.V

I take my hand out of Niall’s and franticly run towards the door, to go and find the girls before they get themselves into trouble. But I’m stopped by Niall placing a strong, warm hand on my shoulder, which he uses to spin me around so I’m facing him. I look up into his ocean like eyes, almost getting lost and pulled inside the strong current that those eyes travel at. I smile weakly, torn between stopping Kim and Katie from killing someone, or even killing themselves in their hunt for; Zayn, Louis, Harry and Liam.

Niall then tried to help me make a decision by using the smile that he knows makes me all wobbly inside. He then begins to look at me with a terribly mischievous look in his eye. He then says, evilly “I have an idea what do you say we have some fun with this situation we’re in?” I reply smiling probably getting the same glint in my eyes as Niall, “yeah ok sure but how?” “I’ll call the boy’s and get them to hide in random places around the block” Niall says with and evil chuckle escaping his perfect lips. I reply questioningly “but how are they going to know that the two lunatics that are chasing them are not crazed fans?” Niall answers “don’t worry I’ll text each boy a picture of them do you have one? I reply “yes” and grab my phone sending a picture to Niall.

        Kim’s P.O.V

I fish my phone out of my bra and pull up the internet so I can Google Eleanor to see what she looks like, so I can at least guess what flat she lived in. Seeing her picture sparks a memory of last New Year’s Eve (which I must say was a night I’m never going to forget no matter how much myself, Paige and Katie want to, those images will be etched into my brain forever). The picture I stood staring at in the hallway, the face seemed oddly familiar. That’s it, I knew where Eleanor lived she was the girl who hosted the party down stairs in her flat, for New Year. I instantly begin to run, almost flying down the stairs and slamming face first into the solid wood door. (Ouch)
I wrapped my knuckles hard against the door, hoping I had the right one. A few seconds later the door swung open a little too quickly if you ask me sort of like they were expecting me. A really pretty girl answers with the biggest chocolate brown eyes I’ve ever seen in my life, she had a huge happy grin spread across her lips. She stood at about five foot with light brown hair that almost reached the top of her bum and framed her face almost perfectly. She says with a smile “hey, I’m guessing that you’re Kim?” I nod slightly trying to catch my breath and I say “yeah I am, are the boys here Niall who I think might be dating my sister told us they were?”

She replies “yeah they were but the left in a hurry I’m sure they’re around here somewhere; I can help you look for them if you want? I have a feeling I might know where Liam and Zayn might be.” The sheer mention of Zayn’s name sends my heart into a beating frenzy, like it is trying to be like timpani drum playing a fast tempo. His name also gives me a mass of fluttering butterflies that form in my stomach.

I breathe in deeply through my nose and out through mouth, in an attempt at calming the knotting sensation in the pit of my stomach. I smile wide and say “do you know what that would be great thanks” she smiles and extends her right hand I do the same and shake it.  The girl starts to introduce herself; she says “I’m Kayliegh, Liam’s cousin. I actually don’t live here, its Eleanor’s apartment. We all just came here for a movie night”. “I see, that explains a lot and OMG your Liam’s cousin wow, what is it like?”I say in shock, Kayliegh answers, “Well is pretty good hehe, but it can also be annoying because of the paparazzi and sometimes the fans can get a bit too crazy”. “So, Kayliegh do you live with Liam and what do you do.” I ask questioningly “Yeah Liam and I share an apartment which is pretty fun. Our apartment is actually 20 minutes from here and is also close to many train stations which means commutes into London are pretty quick. So that means I don’t have move into the university campus, I can travel in instead. I prefer where I’m living now to…. Erm actually never mind.” Kayleigh begins to look down towards her feet sheepishly. I notice a hint of pain on her face which slides away quickly as she begins answering the latter of my previous question with haste. A yeah I just finished my A levels and I have been accepted into Kingston University to study nursing. Something I have always wanted to do. Just to help those in need, sick and injured making them feel better. It brings me the greatest feelings of joy and hope that no one else can ever understand.” As I look upon her innocent, endearing face and into those dearest chocolaty brown sweet eyes of hers I saw them getting bigger and wider as she told me of dream to become a nurse.” I reply by saying, wow that’s a beautiful dream.”    With the biggest smile I could muster and say “now let’s go find these boys.” We walked off “likewise, now let’s go find these boys.” We walked off smiling and I thought that maybe just maybe Kayliegh and I could be great friends.

Paige’s P.O.V

Kim and Katie have been gone for nearly half an hour now. Niall and I are sitting on the sofa awaiting their return. Niall has one arm draped over my shoulder like it belonged there, causing goose bumps to form all over my body. I sat there with my notebook in my hand writing:

When I think about my life I owe you a lot,
And I realize now that you were just one character in my life's plot.
This is harder than you might think,
To forever save these words in ink.
Some days I feel like I hate you,
Some days I love everything that you helped me to feel and do.
I still can't seem to understand why you would want to hurt me the way you did,
But now I know why what you did hurt me so,                                                               

That's because I loved you, really loved you    

 And everything you helped me to finally become.
It's been months now,
And I realize that the sun is still shinning and that it's time to find out who I am,
Maybe even begin to live my life to its new full potential.
To metaphorically start my new life's exciting new plot.

Niall sat with his legs crossed balancing my laptop in his lap on twitter, telling his fans what was going on. I glanced over at the laptop screen and saw that a lot of them where asking who I was. To my shock he tweeted, @NiallOffical- so the girl in the pictures from last night that you’re all wondering about well her name is Paige. And yes we were on a date (an awesome one in fact) she’s a writer and she’s really talented. When I saw that I could help but smile and blush which I think Niall saw because he poked me in the ribs and said “you read that didn’t you?” I smile and nod Niall says with an even bigger smile on his lips “good because I meant every word.”

Katie’s P.O.V

I’ve been walking these eerie halls for nearly half an hour and I’ve found no one, apart from one old man. Who was going back to his flat, after he realized that he is trapped in the building due to the snow. I stop, turn, placing my back against the icy concrete wall and slide down it, feeling the coldness creep through my clothes and skin. I slide down until I’m sitting on the floor; I kick my feet out in front of me.

I was just about to give up and go back to the flat, when I hear fast footsteps. I swing my head to the left I see a hooded figure running towards me, I wanted to move but I froze, but I oddly wasn’t scared. I have no idea why, but I recognized the frame that was racing towards me. All of a sudden! The figure tripped over my extended legs and landed face first onto the concrete floor. I jump to my feet as fast as I can, and extend my hand. To help them up (after all it was my fault they just face planted the concrete), gladly the figure takes my outreached hand and I help them to their feet.

I whisper “sorry are you okay?” the figure replies shaking his hood off “yeah I’m fine love, nothings broken so no need to worry.” I stare up in awe at the figure that I now know to be the one and only, Louis Tomlinson. Before I realized it I was embracing him into a tight hug. Once I did realize I hastily let go as if he was on fire. I then turn my face to the floor as the deep fire leaps on to me, through my cheeks turning them a deep shade of red. I muster up just enough courage to say “yay lou I found you” to which he responds “yes love you did and I’m guessing you’re Katie?” I look up and nod and Louis says grabbing my hand tugging me behind him “well come on lets go find Harry so I can go and meet my little Nialler’s princess.”

Kim’s P.O.V

I and Kayliegh have been searching everywhere now and there’s only one place left we need to check and that’s the rubbish shoot (ew gross but I have to find them). I take Kayliegh’s hand and practically drag her to the back of the building on the first floor, that leads to the rubbish shoot. I swing open the heavy metal door. And stare in shock as we turn the sharp corner, holding our breath. To find an almost frost bitten Liam and Zayn. I run to Zayn and instinctively embrace him in a hug pulling him close trying to warm him up; to my surprise he hugs me back. Kayliegh does the same to Liam, and I walk all three of them up the flight of stairs to my flat.


Paige’s P.O.V

Just as I rest my head on Niall’s neck and about to drift off to sleep when there’s a knock at my front door. I jump and rush to it hoping that it will be Kim and Katie, I open the door to find Harry Styles standing there in the door, way grinning away showing his dimples. I smile back politely and say “Hi I’m P” when I’m cut off by Harry saying “oh no need to introduce yourself. We all know who you are; Nialler over there hasn’t stopped talking about you. Not, since you left an imprint of you face on his chest in Nando’s” a hearty laugh escapes Harry’s mouth as he starts to grip his stomach.
I look over to Niall who is now staring at his shoes playing with his fingers, his cheeks not a lot redder then they were before.

I walk over to Harry, who has now managed to stop laughing and is slumped on the other side of the sofa. I whisper slightly “so you know my sister and cousin are out looking for you and the others.” He nods I continue, “well you need to hide so my cousin Katie can find you now follow me” as if on cue Harry stands and follows me. I stop passing Niall and give him a peck on the cheek and then I continue to lead Harry to his hiding spot.


Kim’s P.O.V.

By the time we had walked up the stairs Zayn and Liam had started to warm up, as we all reached my front door I heard giggling. I brushed it off, assuming that it was just Paige and Niall tickling each other again.

I slipped my hand into the letter box feeling around the freezing open space finally coming across the cold, hard, sharp metal in between my fingertips. I pull the key out take a deep breath and slide the cold key into the lock turning it and waiting I until I hear it click I push the door open.

That’s when I see it Paige and Niall weren’t tickling each other, they were having a full make out session on the sofa. I stood there for a while in shock my eyes and more than likely my mouth hung open. I clear my throat with an uneasy cough. They both pull away and look at the crowd of people standing in the door way. Both Niall and Paige smile and say “sorry” I smile accepting their apologies.

Paige stands and motions for the three extra people to enter. Which they do, they stand in a line introducing them self’s and hugging Paige. Paige tries to introduce herself, but is cut off by Zayn. Zayn starts to say with a deep thunderous laugh “Paige we know all about you.”
Paige blushes and as does Niall at what Zayn said, as if it’s not the first time they’ve heard it today.

Katie’s P.O.V
Louis and I have been walking around apartment block for what feels like ages. Louis’ phone starts to ring blaring out the Kiss you tune. He quickly answers it and I instantly recognize the voice through the phone. It’s Niall he says “so have you found harry? The others are back” Louis says “no not yet should we come back and look a little later?” Niall replies “yeah mate.” Hearing this makes my heart fall a little but I walk Louis to my flat anyway to find that the door is open already. I walk straight through and go to sit down. When Paige stops me and says “hey before you get comfortable will you go and see if you can find the Toy Story DVD in your room, please. I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find it.”
I shuffle along to my room and swing the door open to find Harry asleep on my bed. The butterflies that are now present in my stomach. I’m sure could be felt from the other side of the country, with the way they were jumping around, I blink to ensure this isn’t a dream. I walk backwards shutting the door silently, walking back to the living room, and say still shocked “anyone care to tell me why Harry Styles is in my bed asleep completely naked?”

Zayn says with a smirk “well he’s made himself at home.”


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