4 girls + 5 Guys = Love ?

When a girl meets a blue eyed, blonde haired fitty only sparks can fly. But when his friends met her sister and cousin only sparks can fly there too, right? Only time will tell, so sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life a long with a group of people I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.


3. Decisions

Myself, Katie and Kim spend the rest of our meal and the drive home staring at each other stunned at what has just happened without saying a word, just so we didn’t go all fan girl.
The quiet lasted until we stepped through the front door; we turned to face each other, smiled and let out the most girlish screams ever. At one point I thought we might get a knock on the door from a neighbour or the police we were so loud. All that was said that night was “Omg you gave your number to the one and only Niall Horan”, and “See it is a good thing I like food so much.” Kim and Katie giggled to that lol. By this point Kim and Katie were tired, so they went off to sleep in their beds across the hall. While I was sat on the sofa to excited to move, that was until my phone beeped and I glanced down and realised. That it was a text from an unknown number. I open the message holding my breath, the message read: “Hey Paige so did u enjoy your food? Lol – Niall xx.” At that point I let out a little squeal and decided to reply, this is what I said: Hey Niall yeah I did thank you, did you? Lol – Paige xx. At that point I decided to try and get some sleep; I walked to the bathroom brush my teeth and change in to my pyjamas. I walk to my room crawl under the covers and try to sleep, but it’s just too hard, I’m too excited. So I grab my note book and begin to write;“So it’s three o’clock in the morning and I can hear the rain,
And it’s pounding against my window again.
So I close my eyes and listen,
Most of the time my mind drifts back to when I first looked into your eyes and I noticed their awesome glisten.”

And with that I fell into a deep dream filled sleep, most of them involving Niall and oddly pri pri chicken.

I awoke to a pain in my stomach, so I open my eyes. To find my sister, sitting on top of me shoving her phone in my face. I push her off and say “What the hell do you think your doing?” She gets up and shoves her phone in my face again, so I grab it and read her twitter feed @NiallOfficial “To Paige it was awesome to meet you yesterday and thought it was great that you love food almost as much as me xx” I just stared at the phone for what felt like forever, then I screamed. This must have woken Katie up, because she came running into my room looking confused and tired. Kim grabbed the phone and showed the tweet to Katie, she then dropped the phone on the bed, squealed. Then screeched “he said it was awesome to meet you and put kisses after it, you have to tweet him back.”

At this point she grabbed my phone and looked at it. I then realized that I had left my messages open. (big mistake) Katie’s mouth pretty much dropped to the floor. She then threw the phone to the foot of the bed and stared at me and shouted “ you two texted last night why didn’t you tell us?” To which I answered “because I didn’t want to.”

I then grab my phone to tweet Niall back. I tweet @Paigey_Babey, @NiallOfficial it was AWESOME to meet you last night too xx.

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