4 girls + 5 Guys = Love ?

When a girl meets a blue eyed, blonde haired fitty only sparks can fly. But when his friends met her sister and cousin only sparks can fly there too, right? Only time will tell, so sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life a long with a group of people I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.


18. Chance’s taken.


Paige’s P.O.V.


“Um….” I paused “B- b-but why I mean it’s not even a proper song it’s more the ramblings of a heartbroken adolescent. They’re clearly just words that I had hoped to keep hidden from the world, which would have happened if it wasn’t for my boyfriend here touching MY notebook.” I continued taking my seat once more trying to untangle the maze of thoughts weaving their way around my brain.  


“See Paige that’s where I and Scoter know for a fact that you’re wrong” Justin stated before a spritely blue eyed blonde appeared beside him pecking him quickly on his now flaming cheek. “Hey shawty, there are some people I want you to meet, these the guys from One Direction and ..” Justin was cut off by the blonde who stated excitedly “Oh babe I know who they are there’s really no need for introductions. That’s Paige the writer, Katie the singer and actress, Kim the teacher and Kayliegh the quiet one who nobody really knows much about, but I’m sure that, that is sure to change with time.  I’m guessing that you guys have no idea who I am though.” She laughed “I’m Amy-Leigh” she said smiling.


While Justin and Amy where talking to the others, Niall sat down next to me and placed a hand on my knee and whispered “I’m sorry Paige, I should never have done that I just..” I cut him off by linking my arms around his neck, pulled him close and kissed him. I pulled away much to his dismay and whispered “No I’m sorry you did something really sweet and I over reacted, thank you. Do you think we could erm get out of here I want to show you something?” Niall nodded. I stood up and walked over to the gang and said “Justin do you still want to talk to me about my song?” He nodded in response. “Fine we’ll talk tomorrow at the diner near my house at two pm Niall will text you the address, don’t be late, I don’t do second chances.” I said smiling. I and Niall said good bye quickly before leaving the venue and slipping into Paul’s car.


“How’d you manage to borrow Paul’s car this thing’s like his child?” I asked while Niall drove to the address I’d put into Paul’s ‘sat nav’ “Oh I kind of promised to return it in the exact same condition and I have too clean it after. So where are we going?”  Niall replied taking my hand in his as we stopped at a red light.


Kayliegh’s P.O.V


After Niall Paige left and the group dispersed into the obvious couples that are beginning to form, leaving just me and Louis sitting there awkwardly in a suffocating silence.  Before the silence became the death of us both, Louis stood from his chair pulled mine out from under the table with me still sat on it. He then extended his right hand out to me and in a nervous tone asked “Kay could I please have this dance?” I looked at him as if he was crazy before answering “yes Lou you may” I excepted Louis’ hand with I’m sure a stupidly giant smile on my face.


Once I had stood up Louis caressed the back of my hand with his thumb, causing a line of fire to egnight and spread across my hand. Louis led us to the dance floor. We stood there once again awkwardly before I placed Louis’ hands on my waist and linked my arms around his neck; I interlocked my fingers holding him closer to me and began swaying to Passengers’ let her go. I know it’s not the most romantic song in the world, but in that moment with his fingertips tracing imaginary circles on my hip bones, and the two of us just swaying enveloped in our moment ignoring the damn world, it felt as if we were the only two people in world.


I nestled my head in the crook of Louis’ neck and sighed contently when Louis spoke “Kay I know where we left things last night was well…. complicated” he sighed before continuing “but I need you to know that I like you a lot and I don’t care if you don’t feel the same I just needed you to know.” I pulled away, with my arms still linked around Louis neck; I glanced up to his eyes and whispered “well that’s good because I like you a lot too.” I smiled before tip toeing so that our faces were level. “Really?” Louis chocked, I gently pressed my lips against his, then bit my lip and said “Does that answer your question?” Louis smiled and then pressed his lips against mine before pulling away and chuckling “Does that answer yours?” “Yes it does!” I squeaked resting my head back on to Louis’ neck and we continued to dance.


I couldn’t believe what Louis just told me, I feel so much lighter now, like I don’t need to hide how I feel anymore, not that I was ever doing a very good job at that apparently. My whole life seems different, better, now that I know he feels the same way I have for so long. However I can’t help but think about the Directioners, they all love ‘Elouis’ I have no idea how or if they’ll ever accept the fact that there might be a ‘klouis’ (Hehe I like that ‘Kloius’) there’s no way as Amy said I’m the girl people know nothing about. But maybe its time I changed that?


Niall P.O.V.                      


“We’ve been driving for ages babe and you still won’t tell me where we’re going?” I groaned, pouting slightly, hoping that the puppy dog expression I was pulling would make Paige tell me.  As we currently sat at a zebra crossing waiting for the obviously drunk looking teens to cross the road.  “That look … its not going to work… I’m not telling you anything.” Paige said as she laughed throwing her head back as she did.


We finally arrived at the address Paige had used, what we pulled up to was totally not what I expected. The building was three or four floors high, Victorian looking with the diamond shaped markings on the windows. The street was vacant as if no one had been here in a while. We walked up to a huge dark wooden door that was sealed shut, with a heavy looking padlock.


Paige bent down and picked up a concrete block which concealed a key. She quickly unlocked the door and stepped inside, squeezing my hand as she pulled me with her.  The room we entered was pitch black to begin with. Paige flicked a switch and the whole room became illuminated in a dim white light. I stared with my mouth agape as I looked around the room. The room was painted black, had a raised seating area and a stage. “Welcome to the Black Box Theatre” Paige exclaimed spinning on the spot. “Why are we here and how did you have a key?” I questioned wrapping my arms around Paige’s waist.


Paige smiled and said “This building it’s mine and Katie’s we own it, a family friend left me some money when she died, so I brought this place. That was thirteen years ago today in fact.” She continued as she walked up the stairs taking me with her. “I brought this place as soon as I turned sixteen in my mum’s name, since then my family and I have worked really hard to fix this place up. Katie’s mum and sister paid for the stage, seating and lighting downstairs. We plan to when it’s all fixed up to turn it into a performing arts school, for children, young people and adults with confidence issues and or disabilities.” I was trying to take in all the information Paige had just told me as she continued. “I came here when I was at school they used it as the arts department, my school was right next door the authorities bulldozed the place a few years ago.  When I was at school I’d come here to hide, and right in here was the place I discovered the power of words.” We a sat on the window seat as I questioned, “So this theater is it like your safe place?” “That’s exactly it” Paige smiled.


“So why are we here?” I continued questioning, Paige sighed before she answered. “This is my safe place, but it’s also the place that saved my life.”  “S-saved your life? I stuttered slightly unable to fathom that a building could save somebody. “Yeah, I guess I should explain.” Paige sighed.


Zayn’s P.O.V


The morning after the night before is usually for me pretty hazy, but not this time the moments are as clear as glass.  We all came back to the flat just after two a.m. we figured Niall and Paige were already asleep so we crept into the living room, the girls disappeared to change and the boys and I took turns in the bathroom to do the same.


We sat there all together for what felt hours, quietly talking and joking about life, the whether, how Kay and Louis are unable to keep their hands off each other now everything and anything really.


At around four thirty, I felt Kim’s head get heavy on my shoulder. So I gently removed her head and placed it on the back of the sofa, I stood up and scooped her up in my arms bridal style, I whispered to Harry and Liam who where still awake that I’d be back. I then walked Kim into her room, pulled back the cover with my free hand, place her gently onto her bed and covered her up. Just as I was about to leave, Kim gripped onto my wrist and whispered “stay…please?”  I was stunned I couldn’t move, Kim’s grip tightened slightly. “Okay but you’re going to have too let me go” I whispered.


I climbed into the bed next to her, as soon as my hit the pillow, Kim’s arm was placed across my abdomen and her head placed onto my chest. Just as Kim’s bearthing became heavier, I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her closer to me. I then in a hushed tone I said, “I have a feeling that just won’t budge, this may sound silly or stupid, but I think I’m I love with you.   

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