4 girls + 5 Guys = Love ?

When a girl meets a blue eyed, blonde haired fitty only sparks can fly. But when his friends met her sister and cousin only sparks can fly there too, right? Only time will tell, so sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life a long with a group of people I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.


16. Bespoke - Unedited

Katie’s P.O.V continued


We’ve been walking around London for at least an hour and we still have no dresses. The drive here reminded me about the first time Paige met Niall, full of laughter and torturous singing, I love those moments where we’re so blissfully happy we almost forget about our pasts that I’m sure we all are in some way hiding from.


After another half an hour and a Starbucks Moca Frappe each. We finally came across a tiny fashion boutique, tucked neatly between to large law firms. I bet if we had blinked we would have missed the quant looking building.


A moss green curved canopy covered the moss green shop door, written on the canopy in gold cursive was the word ‘Bespoke’.  I shop front was mainly a window that reached the floor. Painted on to the window were the words ‘Where Dreams are Made Reality.’


Kim was the first to enter, pushing the painted door open with her left hand and stepping over the shops threshold, and innocently setting off a bell that rang informing the owner or staff that a customer had entered. The rest of us filled in shortly after, our mouths agape in awe at the simple beauty that was held within the shops elegantly pastel pink painted walls.


After a moment of just staring at the beautiful garments that were hung around the shop floor on what looked like chrome railings. We were greeted by a rather short but very beautiful young lady who couldn’t have been much older then twenty one. The lady stared at us with large oval shaped, chocolate brown eyes almost in shock at our presence. Paige coughed clearing her throat, almost clearing the awkwardly silent atmosphere that had engulfed the room; the women standing in front of us shook her head before speaking.


“Sorry ladies that was rude, I’m just a little taken back I don’t usually get many customers especially four as beautiful as you four. I’m Sarah by the way I’m the owner of Bespoke.”


“Hi Sarah we’re Paige, Kayliegh, Katie and Kim, it’s nice to meet you” Paige said as she shook Sarah’s hand and pointing at each of us as she spoke our names.  Sarah smiled warmly before asking “So how can I help you lovely ladies?”


“Well tonight we’re invited a corporate dinner thingy with some friends and we need dresses and accessories, we’ve been looking for ages and to be honest I’m getting rather bored so I’m desperately hoping that you’ll be able to help us.” Kim said sighing.


“Of course, I’ll at least try so I’m guessing you are looking for formal dresses.” Sarah asks walking around the shop glancing at us as we stood there nodding like bobble head dolls.


“Great I’ll start with you Katie.” Sarah exclaimed. Passing me a ruby coloured gown before ushering me off to the fitting room.  I stripped myself of my jeans and Beatles tee and shimmied in to the gown. The ruby gown reached past my feet, was made of a fine silk but the bodes of the dress looked as if it was covered in tiny silver crystals, the chest was cut into a curved v just showing enough cleavage to be regarded as classy and not at all smutty.  I carefully slid the bejeweled spaghetti straps up my arms and rested them on my shoulders. I then slid out of the room to show the girls.


I stood there as they all stared. Sarah passed me a beautiful pair of red six inch peep toe heels and a silver clutch bag. 


Next into the dressing room was Kim.


Kim’s P.O.V


Sarah handed me my dress next, it was a royal blue colour.  I was then ushered into the fitting room as soon as Katie had finished redressing.


I ridded myself of my white skinny jeans and blue tunic. I then pulled the dress over my head and slipped my arms through the appropriate holes.  The dress was made of a chiffon and was cut almost jaggedly which meant that when I spun around it would fan out. The front was shorter then the back reaching to my knees.  The bodes was a sweet heart cut with only one strap, that was embellished with blue crystals. The strap reached from underneath my right breast, cutting through the middle of my chest and over my left shoulder.


Once I had finished adoring the dress in the mirror I stepped out of the changing room where Kayliegh wolf whistled at me which made me smile. Sarah then handed me a pair of six inch heels, the heel and sole were covered in silver and blue jewels. Sarah also handed me a silver and blue heart shaped clutch.


Kayliegh’s P.O.V


I was next I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun shopping, Sarah handed me my dress and ushered me away.  My dress was an emerald green and was made of a chiffon like material. I took off my cream jumper and lime green my jeans.


I stepped in to the dress pulling it up slowly over my hips unit it reach its, rightful place under my arms. It wasn’t until now that I had fully inspected the beautiful garment that now adored my torso.  The dress reached to the floor, was strapless, and had a Grecian gold embellishment on the bodes.  The dress was truly stunning ( I hope Louis likes it)  as I stared into the mirror images from last night passed through my mind and I caught myself smiling stupidly at the memory.  I was pulled out of my thoughts by Kim, Paige, Katie and even Sarah calling my name and telling me to hurry up.


After one more look I exited the fitting room, doing a twirl as the girls gushed.  I blushed as Sarah handed me a pair of suede green three inch heels and a rectangular clutch. I took them from her and quickly changed. I have a feeling that tonight just might just be one to out shine all the others.


Paige’s P.O.V


We had all been here for around and hour now and the dresses Sarah had picked so far looked great. All three of the girls looked amazing and that was without all the hair and make up that had yet to be done.  So that left me and to say that I was nervous would be the greatest of understatements.


I glanced at Sarah expecting to just be passed a dress and ushered away, but that didn’t happen at all.  Sarah took a piece of material from her back pocket and looked at me before saying, “now I’m guessing that you miss Paige, do not believe in yourself to be beautiful correct?” I nodded in response not trusting my own voice to give a convincing answer. Sarah smiled kindly at me once more, took my hand in hers and pulled me to my feet.  She then spun me around and whispered from behind me “I’m going to need you to trust me” before I could respond I was plunged into darkness. I guessed that the material was used to blindfold me, I was then lead away with the three girls speaking words of encouragement.


Before I knew it was stripped of my new safety blanket, Niall’s green Addidas hoodie that I had commandeered that morning from his closet, with his permission of course. Next to go were my high-tops, vest and black jeans. I was left to stand there in nothing but my underwear for a second before the straps to my bra were detached.


I was then ordered to “step” in a calming yet forceful tone from Sarah.  Then a silk like material was pulled up over my bottom, then my hips and finally tucked under my arms where a zip was fastened. Making the dress fit snugly to my body.


I was then led out of the room and the silence that shortly followed filled me with absolute terror.  The material that obscured my vision was removed, I had to blink a few times before I could see clearly, I looked around and noticed that my sister and cousin had tears in their eyes. I spun my head to left and caught a glimpse of myself in a full length mirror.


The dress that covered my was a deep purple and I was right it was made of silk but on top was a net like material that moved with me as I sifted my weight from side to side. The dress like the others reached past my toes.  In the middle of my chest was a grouped piece of fabric that was held with a glittering sliver snowflake. The bodes was a heart shaped chest plate which was covered in little purple gems. My shoes which I don’t even remember putting on were a pair of purple suede six inch pumps which were hidden by the dress.  As I stared at myself I couldn’t help but smile, for the first time other then when I’m with Niall I felt pretty, no I felt beautiful.


I began to tear up so I span on my heals and pulled Sarah into the tightest of hugs and thanked her as tears flowed down my cheeks. I let go of her and went and got changed. When I finished we handed our dresses, shoes and bags to Sarah who bagged them up and charged the bill to our new credit cards.


Just as we were about to leave Sarah called out a goodbye and that we were welcome back anytime. Which I’m sure we will be. We set off home to get ready for a great night, in some gorgeous dresses and shoes with five amazing guys that are slowly becoming huge parts of our lives. A part that I will do anything to never lose.                      


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