4 girls + 5 Guys = Love ?

When a girl meets a blue eyed, blonde haired fitty only sparks can fly. But when his friends met her sister and cousin only sparks can fly there too, right? Only time will tell, so sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life a long with a group of people I hope you will grow to love as much as I do.


6. A Perfect Moment

As I lay there in this perfect moment, I close my eyes just for a second, inhale and Niall’s aftershave engulfs my nose and fills my brain with everything that’s great about my life.

When, I’m rudely disturbed by my phone ringing. I open my eyes sharply and blink a number of times. I look down at my phone and answer it, “Hey it’s Kim” says the voice on the other end. “Oh hey” I say while moving my head into a more comfortable position, on Niall’s shoulder. Kim then says “where are you? You need to come home now” “why” I say harshly, “because your face and Niall’s is all over the T.V. I think you and Niall were followed” Kim say oddly excited by that fact. I could hear Katie screaming her head off in the background. I look up at Niall who is staring at me smiling from ear to ear practically. I say “okay” into the phone and hang up.

I stand up, brush myself off. I then take Niall’s hand and pull him to his feet. I lean in and whispered in his ear “we need to leave like now.” We hastily pack up all our belongings and grab Niall’s guitar. We begin to dash towards my flat and I shout back to Niall “stay close I’ll explain later”. The perfect weather we had during the picnic which was surprising sunny with a tiny pinch of frost. Had dramatically, changed to a heavy, frightful blustering snow storm. That made it almost impossible to run, mostly because the storm was so thick. This meant we were unable to see pretty much anything. This night has been so surreal. First I am on a date with the one and only Niall Horan my celebrity crush. Then get interrupted by the media and end up onT.V. Now if that’s not enough surreal moments for you then this will make anyone crack. I am now running to my flat with Niall in toe during a snow storm.

We come to a halt at the top of my road to catch our breath back, after all that time running back to the flat. Niall then turns to face me, I say with a smile “I think we should go through the back just in case. Niall takes a deep breath. Then starts to wraps his hands around my waist, pull’s me in close so that our bodies are almost touching and starts to lean in. I try my hardest to resist the urge inside my very imaginative brain that’s constantly trying to persuade me. I just can’t stop thinking about his pale pink butter soft lips. They are just too inviting. I give up and lean in as well until our lips meet, and that huge surge of electricity is back once more. This kiss is like my first all over again its perfect.

It was everything I had ever imagined. (Yes I have imagined kissing him many times before, but come on now be honest who hasn’t imagined kissing their celebrity crush? That’s right no one). I pull away knowing we need to get inside and quick. I gaze up at Niall who now is giving me the puppy dog face and looking all disappointed. I take his hand squeeze it lightly, I smile and say “well come on you can finish that later, but now we have to go.” I start to run towards the back door. While I continue pulling Niall behind me, luckily the doors already unlocked. This made it easier to just race through it and up the two flights of stairs, to my front door.

I scramble in my bag for my keys eventually finding them and sliding them into the lock, unlocking the door and opening it. I step through motioning Niall to follow which he does shutting the door behind him. He takes hold of my hand squeezing it tightly, I squeeze it back reassuringly. We walk hand in hand towards the living room. Just as we walk into the living room, we find Kim and Katie sitting on the sofa with their eyes and mouths wide open watching the T.V. I decide to bypass that and just go straight to my room, still with Niall in tow. Once we had walked in I shut the door behind me. I then sit on my bed patting the space next to me for Niall to sit in, which he does. I turn to face him and say “well I guess I should explain.” Niall nods and smiles and says with a chuckle “yes that would probably be a good idea.” I stand up and start pacing around the room looking at the floor playing with my fingers. Niall’s eyes watching my every move.

So I begin to explain the phone call and everything when, Niall cuts me off and just says “shit none of this was supposed to happen.” I look at him confused and gasped “what do you mean?” he looks at me apologetically and says. “I mean us I never wanted to be in the papers or in any other kind of media not at least until I was sure. My agent, the record producers and I have this agreement I’m supposed to be crushing on Demi Lavato. Although it’s all fake, every bit of those ferocious rumours. I really can’t stand these lies I have lied to everyone I care about such as my fans, my family and even you. The truth is, I have not been able to stop thinking or talking about you. Ever since the moment you bumped into my chest and looked up into my eyes. It felt all of time had stopped and was worried that you would have felt my rapidly beating heart. The heart I could not control it not anymore.” I blush nervously and say with a tiny bit of excitement with what Niall just said (eeeek) “well what are we going to do? Won’t you get into trouble?” Niall replies “yes probably but what is the alternative me, continuously hurting everyone around me. All to what, become more famous. That’s not what matters to me, what does matter to me is music that my band and I make and now of course you.” “I know we haven’t really known each other for very long at all, but I never want to lose you ever and especially for someone like Demi Lavato”. I smile, blush and say “I don’t want to lose you either.” I sit back on the bed next to Niall and he pulls me in for a tight hug, and whispers in my ear “we’re going to deal with this in whatever way it comes ok?” I pull away, smile and nod and say “okay.”

We stand and walk out into the living room smiling. This is when Kim and Katie turn to face us and say in unison “They know everything about you Paige.” To which I reply “so I have nothing to hide do I?” Katie then replies back by saying “well yeah kind of they know everything and what they don’t know they’ll find out. A reporter has already called asking all sorts of questions, like is it true that Kim and I are twins but we were split at birth?”

I bite my lip trying to hold in the laughter at that question, however I do not succeed. The laughter bursts out of me like a New Year’s Eve firework, to the point where I can no longer control it and explode with laughter. Katie shouts at me “shut up it’s not funny” but in the end she ends up laughing and walks off to her room, closely followed by Kim. Leaving, both Niall and I standing in the middle of the living room, not really sure of what to do.

After I eventually compose myself and stop laughing. Niall awkwardly says “so I guess I had better go” rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. I reply “yeah I guess, but it’s really late so you can stay if you want.” Niall replies with the same smile that makes me weak at the knees “Yeah that would be great I’ll take the sofa if that’s okay.” I reply “sure it is but, there’s no need to do that you can share with me if you want.” I take Niall’s hand and lead him to my bedroom. (Which I know is a bit sudden but when you feel something’s right it usually is). I sit Niall on the bed and I walk out to the bathroom grabbing my favourite pyjamas with cute little starfish on them.

While I was getting changed I glanced outside noticing that weather is more calmer then when me and Niall were running. Now it seemed it was just snowing making everything look like a fairy tale. (Who knew fairy tales could ever come true in the middle of South London)I then snapped back to reality and continue to get changed. When I walked back into my room, I found that Niall already under the covers. I crawl into bed next to him turn and say “night” to which he replies “night babe sleep well.” I toss over to my side so that my back is facing him. I then feel him hook a strong arm around my waist and pull me in close to him. He buries his head in my hair, breathes in deep and whispers “now that’s better.” I blush and giggle a little and close my eyes. I drift off into a deep sleep feeling safer than I ever have in my life.

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