This movella is for an entry to a competition.
It's simply about Niall Horan and Valentines day; hope you enjoy it


1. perfect date.

It's valentines day. But I want it to be over already. Don't get me wrong, I like valentines day, its just that the love of my life is on tour. I'm Vanessa Smith, you guessed it; I am the girl that is dating Niall Horan. Being 2697 miles away from him on such a special day is quite upsetting, but we decided that we were gonna call each other and speak through the phone until either of us fell asleep. Romantic, eyy? 

This is my first ever valentine's day where I'm actually dating a boy. I'm not one of those girls who flirts with anything that breathes, I'm a typical kind of girl who loves to wear sweat pants, over sized t-shirt and no makeup with my hair tied up, it doesn't really sound attractive but that's just who I really am. I hear my phone buzz, I look at the caller ID and its my nialler, I pick up the phone and scream with excitement. 

"NIALLER, i miss you so much!" 

"miss you too babe, I'll see you in a week yeah? and we'll have a movie night were we eat nachos and chips all nigh until we fall asleep, how does that sound?" Niall sounded really happy, hearing his voice just made everything better.

"that's perfect! wait, are you in a car? I thought you have a day off?" I'm confused, I'm sure Niall wouldn't lie to me.

"I'm on my way to the shop, I'm hungry and Paul won't bring me any food. He says I need do some more exercising" I hear the nervousness in Niall's voice, it didn't sound like him at all. 

"uh oh,you need to stop being lazy!" I hear some whispers in the background, what is this boy doing now ey? 

" sweetie, I have to go, there's loads of fans outside and I don't want my phone robbed, I'll call you in 5?" 

"okay, b..." Niall hung up before I could even finish my sentence  I don't know why but it feels like Niall is lying to me, I mean if there were fans outside of the shop, you would be able to hear them scream not just whisper  I broke down crying. What if he was cheating with me? What if he's spending our valentines day with another girl? what if he doesn't love me anymore? what if.. 

I hear a knock on the door. I ignore it, I don't want to see anyone right now. After 10 seconds there's another knock coming through the door. 

"I'm coming!" i shout while my voice cracks. I cant even speak properly right now. 

I open the door not believing what I can see. It's Niall. He's here, with food, flowers, a present and the biggest smile on his face ever. 

"Niall? what are you doing here?" I ask shocked

He ignores my question. "Babe, whats wrong? why are you crying?" Suddenly, he seemed upset.

Few minutes passed and there was silence.

"I just thought you were spending our valentines day with another girl" I finally said.

"Hun, Id never do that. I was planning this for you" A tear streamed down his face. 

We did exactly what he said we'd do. We have a movie night were we eat nachos and chips all night until we fall asleep. Some girls would rather spend their day out in a fancy restaurant that is probably expensive, but to me, this day couldn't get any better. Niall slowly drifted off to sleep. 

"I love you, forever and always" I whispered while i kissed his cheek and slowly fell asleep.


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