1. Fall For You

When Elaina Seevers visits England on a trip to reunite with her friends, an unexpected surprise will change her life, but is she ready for all the fame, gossip, and paparazzi of being Harry Styles' girlfriend? But before they can think about their relationship, Harry has to get through to Elaina's parents, and Elaina has to figure out a way to cope with the constant tours and moving.


2. Dream Come True

Elaina's P.O.V

High school is finally over! England, here we come!

Yeah, I am still in touch with all my friends, and I can't wait to meet up with them!!! We are supposed to meet up in about a month. I cannot wait though! I haven't seen them for almost a year!!!

I was walking down the street when I ran into a tall male with curly brown hair and green eyes. "Hello!" he said in a cheery tone. "Hello!" "I'm Harry... Styles." I giggled. Of course I knew who he was, I have been dreaming about him for almost 3 years!!! "Hmmm. I've heard that name before. You know, with all those girls screaming it whenever they see a picture of you." He had a cheeky smile, and his teeth were perfectly straight.

"And what's your name?" "Elaina. Elaina Seevers " "That is a beautiful name." "Why, thank you, Harold." We both giggled as the pedestrian signal changed to the white figure walking. "So, may I take you to lunch?" "That would be lovely." I smiled my best smile as he led me across the street and into a nearby fast food restaurant. "What would you like, love?" "I don't know. I've never been here before." "You mean you've never been to Nandos?!" "Correct! Growing up. my parents never let me eat at fast-food restaurants. They are those elegant, prissy, parents." "Do you want to split some french fries?" I looked at him questioningly. I knew what french fries were, but I didn't know what they tasted like... is that bad? "So you mean you have never had french fries!" "I told you, prissy prissy parents!" "Well, then today, you are going to be eating a lot!" 

I giggled as he ordered a boat load of food. "I can't let you pay for all that, Harry." "That's good, because I didn't ask for your permission!" "Well then, I won't let you pay for all this!" "Don't be such a baby! Someone has to pay!" "We can split the bill!" "Bill? This is a fast-food restaurant, there isn't a bill." "Again, prissy prissy parents!" "I'm paying!" "AGH!!!!!!!!" Harry paid and brought the tray to a table. Dreams do come true, huh!!!

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