1. Fall For You

When Elaina Seevers visits England on a trip to reunite with her friends, an unexpected surprise will change her life, but is she ready for all the fame, gossip, and paparazzi of being Harry Styles' girlfriend? But before they can think about their relationship, Harry has to get through to Elaina's parents, and Elaina has to figure out a way to cope with the constant tours and moving.


1. 6 Years Ago

Setting: 6 years ago, in a middle school cafeteria

Characters: 7th graders. Elaina, the kind of girlish, singer girl, Ariana, Elaina's singer buddy, Lucy, the sporty one, Maria, the classic one, Rachel, the cutesy dreamer, and Sarah, the quiet and mysterious one, all best friends, in the same class.

Elaina: Where do you guys want to go to college?

Rachel: France!

Sarah: Me, too!

Lucy: Probably Spain.

Maria: Ireland

Elaina: Poo. I want to go to England, but then I will be all alone!!!

Rachel: You won't be alone! You and Ariana will be all famous and on tour!

Ariana: I doubt that will happen, we are only 12!

Rachel: Yeah, but then, you will be 18 and all old and professional. 

Sarah: We could meet up in England.

Maria: Yes!

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