'I'm gonna Love you like I've never been broken! I'm gonna say it like it's never been spoken! Tonight, tonight I'm letting go, go, go, go! I'm gonna give it like it's never been taken! I'm gonna fall like I don't need saving! Tonight, tonight I'm letting go, go, go, go!'


2. Every story needs a beginning

A week from today I am getting married to the love of my life, Robert. I'm on my way to his house to talk about the wedding. Once I get there, I walk up the steps to the front door, unlock it with my spare key, and walk in. I hear someone talking. Curiously, I follow the sound and put my ear on the door. "yeah, then after the honeymoon, I take all the money and leave......yeah....its a brilliant plan.....yeah.......ok.....I know but hey, at least she don't know my real identity!...." I gasp as tears start to form at the rims of my eyes. I can't believe this! How could he!? I text my best friend to call the police and tell them to come to Robert's address and that I'd explain later. I then walked into the room. "ok...yeah I gotta go....ok...bye." he hangs up. "Hey babe! I was just talking about you to my friend!" "oh I know. I heard." I glare at him. He looks frightened. "umm really...y-you know, I r-really love you....." I scoff. "oh save it!" Right then the police walk in. "he is trying to m-marry me, then t-take my money a-and r-run off-f!" I say to them, about to cry. "YOU ARE UNDER ARREST! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT! WHAT YOU SAY WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU!" They yell then take him away while he glares at me. Just then, my friend Kelly walks in. "I heard. I'm so sorry!" She hugs me and I sob on her shoulder.
5 months later:
I have gone into depression after the incident with Robert. I'm trying to stop and just forget. He's not worth it...not worth anything. I get up and go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. I strip off my clothes and step into the shower, the warm water making my skin tingle. I grab my lavender shampoo and scrub it into my hair. Then I grab my vanilla body wash and make sure I'm nice and clean. When I'm finished, I wrap the towel around me and walk into my room. I open the dresser and pick out my outfit. I put on a black tank top with a black and white checkered half top with black skinny jeans and combat boots. I put on my chain necklace and bracelet and my black zipper earrings. I dry then comb out my jett black straight hair. I have a few white streaks in my hair. I brush my teeth and put on foundation, black eye liner and black mascara. I walked out of my room and into the kitchen downstairs. "good morning." I say to my parents and sister while they stop what they're doing and look at me. I go to the fridge and open it. I pull out the orange juice and a glass. "what? Never seen a recovered teen?" I ask while pouring the juice into the glass. My 9 year old sister smiles. "I'm glad you're better Jade!" She says while smiling and getting up and hugging me. "Me too, Olivia..." I say as I smile and hug her back. My parents get up and we all group hug. We heart a knock on the door so we all let go and I walk towards it. Taking a deep breath, I open the door. It was Kelly. She had a shocked face on and dropped her purse and grocery bags. She squealed, smiled widely, then engulfed me in a giant hug. I chuckled and hugged her back.

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