Just Because There is a Happy Beginning Doesn't Mean There is a Happy Ending

Niall met a girl. She thought he was the one. But his mistake left him without her for the rest of his life. He regrets it till this day. He hasn't told anybody until his friend Joe invites him for coffee. It's the only way to get this off of his chest.


2. "Who was she?" "Beautiful."

   Part 1


    My friends and I planned a trip to Ballymastocker Beach in Lough Swilly. It was a nice day to go to the park, but I refused to go. I'm glad I went anyway because if I hadn't I would have never met my greatest memories and my worst regrets.

    She was 18. Her name was Mabel. She was watching three little kids running around. I remember it perfectly. She had green headphones on listening to music but always watching each child with a close eye. Her long, wavy brown hair flowed over her shoulders like waterfalls. To add to her amazing appearance her eyes were bright blue with a darker shad of blue around the center. I stared deeply at her. It might have been creepy but I couldn't look away.

    The wind blew through her long locks and my heart fluttered as she smiled as on of the children gave her flower. She put it in her hair and gave the little boy a hug.

    I thought that if a young boy has the courage to do that, I could too. I was 100% wrong with that thought. I was tripping over my own feet and shivering in fright that she'd be one of those girls with a huge ego. I sat next to her on the faded red bench with a carving on it that said: "Just because there is a happy beginning doesn't mean there is a happy ending'. I shook my head at the weird quote and smiled at her.

    "Hello, I'm Niall." "Hi. I'm Mabel," she said barely above a whisper. "I like your name." "I like your accent," she looked at me like she wasn't supposed to say that and sheepishly put her hand over her mouth. I blushed, trying to get the stupid smile off of my face before she looked up again.

    She looked back up and I not not only didn't smile, but I smiled with my eyes. SO they were as wide as my hands would be if I opened it. I didn't know what I was doing until she looked at me like I was crazy and then started to laugh. Just what I thought, huge ego for a girl.

    I was about to get up and leave when she placed her hand on my arm and said, "That was so adorable." I let my tense body go and I relaxed a bit. I started to laugh with her. I liked her laugh. It was loud and she wasn't ashamed of it.

   "So Niall. How old are you?" she asked. "I'm 19. I turned 19 a couple of monts ago." "Cool." Her American accent was charming. It sounded as if she was oicking up a hint of an Irish accent from somewhere though. "How old are you?" "I'm 18," she said. I smiled. She"Where are you from? You're American," I stated pointing out what was obvious. "I'm from New Jersey. It's a small state and a lot of the time I say that I hate it but New Jersey is the best," she explained. "Why are you here? I mean, not to be mean or anything," I said apoligizely. She giggled and said, "Well, it's quite hard to explain. I didn't really come here to visit anyone or anything. I got on the wrong flight and I came here. I geuss I liked it so much that I'm staying here for the rest of my vacation. It's really beautiful downhere. I love it." I nodded.

    A lot of people usually complain about it being to cold but she actually liked it. "Why are you here?" she asked mockingly. I chuckled and said, "Vacation with those children over there." I pointed to my three friends trying to climb the monkey bars and falling on their faces. They were laughing at each other and throwing sticks at each other. "Well the only thing I can say to that is that the only reason I can stand being around them is their immaturity."

    While laughing, she called over the little boy that gave her the flower. His name was Braden. "Hey Braden! Can you do me a favor?" she asked. "Who is he? You're my best friend not his," he said feircely. "He's a stranger. I actually don't know who he is. But, his name is Niall." He squinted his eyes disapprovingly at me. "Okay Braden, I want you to go over there and show the silly boys what you can do on the monkey bars." He nodded and ran over to my friends.

     "Why are you babysitting Irish kids?" I asked. "They're my friends kids. I'm staying with her until I leave." I mutterd oh and I looked over to the little kid by the monkey bars. "They're so high he won't-" I stopped myself as this small child took a massive leap and grabed onto the bar. He expertly swung from bar to bar and jumped down when he was done. "You're welcome," he said and walked back over to us.

    My friends had their mouths hung open. "Good job!" She gave him a high five and he continued to play with who I geussed were his sisters. Mabel smiled at me and looked at her phone. "Oh my god! I have to go! It's 1:30," she exclaimed she got up and called the three little children over to her."I have to go. It's really nice meeting you!" "Wait can I have your number?" I handed her my phone and she put in her contact information.

    She hugged me in a rush when I stood up. "I don't know why I did that. Okay I have to go bye!!" She left the park waving back at me. "Who was she?" Aiden asked. "Beautiful."

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