Just Because There is a Happy Beginning Doesn't Mean There is a Happy Ending

Niall met a girl. She thought he was the one. But his mistake left him without her for the rest of his life. He regrets it till this day. He hasn't told anybody until his friend Joe invites him for coffee. It's the only way to get this off of his chest.


3. "How about Saturday at 7:30?"


                                                                                                     Part 2

  I had her phone number but she hadn't gotten mine. I didn't want to bother her or call from an unknown number. But I decided to call anyway. It rang twice and she answered. My heart leaped, "Hi. Who is this?" she said. "Hi it's Niall."   "Oh hey Niall!"   "I was wondering if we could meet up sometime. I mean only if you wanted to. You seem interesting. I want to learn more about you. If that's not creepy." She laughed.   "It isn't creepy at all. I would love to hang out with you again. When?"   "Is Saturday at 7:30 alright?" My voice hitched as there was a pause for her answer.   "Definitely."   I took my phone away from my face and did a dance.  "Where do you want to go? DInner and a movie?"   "Sounds like a plan!"   "Where should I pick you up?"   "976 Oakwood Drive."   "Okay I'll see you tomorrow."   "Okay bye!"

    She hung up and I threw my phone on the sofa. I walked around the parlor. I didn't know what I was doing. I then finally realized that the prettiest girl I've ever seen agreed to go out with me. But not boyfriend and girlfriend go out. We hadn't gotten there yet. But what if she didn't want to be my girlfriend. What if I'm being delusional..

     I decided not to think like that and I called Aiden from upstairs. "Why are you smiling like that?" he asked. "Because I've got myself a date!" I felt like a teenage girl talking to her bestfriend about the guy she likes. "With who?" I could tell Aiden was surprised I was never the one with the ladies. "Beautiful.." "Oh, the girl from the park. It's creepy that you keep calling her beautiful. Sure it'd be flattering if you said that to her but it sounds like you already have your wedding planned," Aiden explained.

     I took a moment to reflect on these past couple of days. It had been four days since the park and he was right, it sounded like I was going to marry her. All I know about her is that her name is Mabel and she's here because she got on the wrong plane. But what if it wasn't an accident.

     "Aiden, I know my crush has gone too far and I've only seen her once but what if she was supposed to come here. She got on the wrong flight and ended up here. And she's staying! It obviously means something." "Whatever, Niall. Just don't get all theoretical with her. That's what made my sister think you were a drug-addict."

     I smiled and the vision in my head of his sister, Lana, getting up from her chair in their kitchen and running to her room after I shared one of my weird thoughts with her. I have a habit of telling girls my theories. I guess I pick the wrong ones because sometimes I can't even have a conversation with them.

     I asked Johnathan to talk to me after dinner. Just to give me advice. He's already got himself a girl. They've been going for 4 years. He might propose to her in a few months. He practically raised me. Even though I have perfectly fit parents, I feel like he's taught me things my parents would've never talked about. He taught me how to treat a girl, he taught me how to stand up for myself, and he taught me how to handle the outside world.

     We went outside in the backyard. For some reason every lecture, every lesson, and every conversation we had was outside almost everytime.

     "So what's up little bird," he said. No one knows why, but he's just always called me little bird. "Well, I met thsi girl a couple days ago, Mabel, and I'm taking her on a date and I'm nervous." He smiled at me and sighed. "Niall, I've told you already, be yourself." "But when I'm myself they walk out and leave." He looked at me sympathetically. "I'm sorry. I know it isn't easy, but this is a new girl. If she walks out you can always find someone else.

     I nodded and shrugged. We went back inside and we all went to bed. The vacation house reeked on suntan lotion and it isn't even bright out half of the time.

    All I could think about is Mabel, honestly. I didn't sleep. I didn't know what she'd think of me. I didn't know what to say. What if she's not what I thought she was. What if she doesn't even want to go out with me..

    The thoughts were buzzing through my mind until the sun shone through my window. That was when I fell asleep.

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