Just Because There is a Happy Beginning Doesn't Mean There is a Happy Ending

Niall met a girl. She thought he was the one. But his mistake left him without her for the rest of his life. He regrets it till this day. He hasn't told anybody until his friend Joe invites him for coffee. It's the only way to get this off of his chest.


1. About a Girl

    Everytime he thought about her he would hate himself a little more. He never thought he could ever do that to a girl before. Niall would always think back to two years ago and almost shed a tear sometimes. Whenever one of his friends ever said the name Mabel the pain in his heart grows more.

    Niall always thought about Mabel. He never understood why he did what he did to her. He always wondered if she thought about him. He still thinks she hates him. Which she probably does, being that she has sheltered herself from him for two years straight.

    One day his friend Joe called him and offered to take him to 'Java Juice and Jive' the juice shop down the street from where they work. Joe met Niall at the door. "Hey mate! Come on in. It's freezing out here," Joe said as he open the door for Niall. "Thanks Joe. I really need to spend time with a friend. Something has been haunting me a tad more than it has in the past. Maybe it's withdrawl syndrome or something," Niall laughed at himself. Then he wanted to strangle himself for calling it 'withdrawl syndrome'.

    "What is it? You know I'm always up for a good chat," Joe explained. "Well it's a pretty long story. I meanI could tell you but what's the use? You'll either hate me in the end or fall asleep in the middle," Niall said looking down at his hands. "I'll try my best to pay attention," Joe teased. Niall thought it over with himself. Could he really trust Joe with the best and potentially worst part of his life. Joe cheekily smiled at Niall and Niall couldn't help but give into to his idiotic ways of nosieness. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. But I want to know now tha you told me of course!" "Fine," Niall reluctantly stated and sighed. "Well here's goes nothing."

    Joe jokingly took a swig of his coffee to show Niall he won't fall asleep. They both laughed and Niall began to let his heart and soul out to his best friend.

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