key to my heart

two girls age 18 at 1D concert , abbie and Lucy meet niall and Louis face to face on Valentine's day and they get the greatest gift anyone could give them ... read on to find more


2. the love dance

Today was Valentine's day ,when Abbie woke up and went down stairs . Niall had made her pancakes and on the top of one in chocolate spread some words said "I love you" so abbie give him a giant hug and said " I love you to".

Tonight was the dance and abbie still needed to buy her dress just like Niall needed to get a suit . The gang had met together and Abbie and Lucy went of one way to the dress shops , and all the boys went hunting for suits. The first dress Abbie saw was the one that shouted "buy me " Lucy found  the dress she loved and it Louis written all over. After they picked up there dresses , Abbie and Lucy went and got there hair and makeup done. Everyone was excited and just couldn't wait.

It was now 4:45 and the dance started in 15mins. abbie was Sat in her older brother Kierrons car and they were just talking about brother And sister stuff. it was now 5:05 and Niall was making his way into the hall . Once there was no sign of him abbie went into the Hall. waiting out side the hall was Lucy . They walked in together . As soon as abbie got in Niall looked at her and said " you look amazing " abbie said the same back to him . they Sat down with some champagne .

then the slow music came on "Care to dance with Me " said Niall ," May as well since your the only hot one here"abbie said back.They stood up and went to the dance floor . . Abbie placed her hands on Nialls shoulders and he put his  hands on abbies waists, meanwhile Lucy and Louis were kissing in the corner .at the end of the night , abbie and Niall kissed .That's when Abbie New she had everything she wanted .

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