key to my heart

two girls age 18 at 1D concert , abbie and Lucy meet niall and Louis face to face on Valentine's day and they get the greatest gift anyone could give them ... read on to find more


1. dreams to keys

sat in the front row of the audience abbie nd her best friend Lucy were dancing and singing along to Live While Were Young , when Niall pointed to abbie and Lucy to go up on stage they quickly ran up there when Louis dragged them both on Stage they were the happiest girls in the world.


Back stage after the performance  they all Sat down and played black ops 2 , while Harry ,Liam and Wayne were killing zombie,Abbie and Niall fell in love by just staring at each other . meanwhile Lucy and Louis were in another room playing Fifa 12 while telling each other  jokes.


"they look so cute together " said abbie

"so do we " Said Niall

 Abbie nearly fainted NIALL HORAN , said she looked cute with HIM.

It was coming up Valentine's day and Niall asked what Abbie wanted "nothing baby I have you I don't need nothing else" Abbie said what do you want"One thing, just the full key to your heart" 


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