managing you and your love.

Stella's dad Kimar is a manager for a popular boy band but she doesn't know which boy band it is.Her dad gives her clues everyday and slowly stella recognizes them,but one day they actually go to one of their concerts and stella doesn't imagine that one of the boys could actually have feelings for her.....could she possibly feel the same way????you'll have to find out in "managing you and your love"


2. my dad's question

Stella's P.O.V


It's monday morning and my dad is begging me to go with him to his photo shoot with him and the band.But it's too early and i really really would love to go meet his band but i just want to sleep.I get off the bed and check myself on the mirror.

I then make my way to the bathroom......but i hear a knock.I stop walking and turn"come in"i add flipping my hair."honey are you coming with me?"my father asks with a tooth brush in his hand.I start shaking my leg and think..............."well if you insist......ok"i answer with a slight blink and smile."GREAT!!"he runs off leaving half my door open.

I roll my eyes and close the door shut.Then i go to the bathroom.After i get out i start to get dressed.To look pretty and not normal,i put on a forever 21 dress that has a belt on the waist and some flats.I curl my hair some more.I only put lip gloss on,i don't use makeup.

After i get all dolled up,i get out my room and go to the living room."DAD!!!"i yell out not noticing he's pretty much in my face."i have ears Hun"he says quietly.I cover my mouth and laugh."sorry"i chuckle.

Umm i hope that when we get there i don't have a nervous break down with the guys..............ugh!

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