managing you and your love.

Stella's dad Kimar is a manager for a popular boy band but she doesn't know which boy band it is.Her dad gives her clues everyday and slowly stella recognizes them,but one day they actually go to one of their concerts and stella doesn't imagine that one of the boys could actually have feelings for her.....could she possibly feel the same way????you'll have to find out in "managing you and your love"


3. meeting the band

Stella's P.O.V


When me and my father get to this big beige building i automatically gasp at the look."oh dad......i never knew it took a big building for just some photos"i add looking at the building."it's not just a photo shoot place,it's a studio and a audition place."he answers as we pull up to the parking space.

I smile and get out the car.I pull out my iPod and earphones but just before i can listen to music,my dad stops me."you can't listen to it right now!! got a popular band to meet."he says.I shrug my eyebrows and nod."ok got it"i reply with a hard blink.

When we get in the building i see all these types of rooms full of weird DJ type equipment stuff.I strongly gaze at them and touch the plastic/glass windows.Then i look at the far side end and see an open door.I can already tell that it's the room where the photo shoot is gonna be happening.

I go in the room and find a leather orange couch on a white large page and some camera's...........that's i guess one of the props the photo's gonna have."wow do they like orange?"i ask my dad touching the whole couch."no it's just a little random thing we chose out from props."he reply's with a smile.

I nod and go sit on a chair.After about 15 minutes i see my dad come in with a group of camera guys with bags and all that stuff.I then hear footsteps at the edge of the door,so i look at the bottom of the door and wait to see who it is.

Just as i rub my eyes.....i see a shoe and then several shoes.The band????I start to look at the people from toe to head and then it hits me...........................................that's one direction.omg

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