managing you and your love.

Stella's dad Kimar is a manager for a popular boy band but she doesn't know which boy band it is.Her dad gives her clues everyday and slowly stella recognizes them,but one day they actually go to one of their concerts and stella doesn't imagine that one of the boys could actually have feelings for her.....could she possibly feel the same way????you'll have to find out in "managing you and your love"


4. greeting myself.

Harry's P.O.V


I walk in the room and see this beautiful young girl.I smile at her but she just turns her head.I guess she's trying to calm


Stella's P.O.V


I turn my head as he smiles to me.I open my mouth wide like really wide,and make this face.

I recover and turn back.But not to face them.I look straight forward as if i don't notice them."honey this is the band i've been talking about"my dad shouts.I smile and move my eyes fast then my body starts shaking.To avoid any mishaps,i just run through them and go to the ugh i did it again.


Harry's P.O.V


I stare as this girl leaves and then walk up to kimar."is that by any chance your daughter?"i ask him.He stares at and nods."well she's very pretty"i say pulling my suit up a bit."well don't get too close to her"he says pointing at me."oh i know im just saying"i reassure him."alright"he answers back.

Just then she walks back in."why don't you guys greet your selves to her?" kimar says smiling at us.I smile and wide my eyes."oh umm ok" i struggle to get the words out.


Stella's P.O.V


Im sitting staring out the windows when all of a sudden the boys come up to me and say"hi"i smile and just answer back with a "hi"."are you alright?"he asks me smiling."yes thank you..........and you?"

"im fine"


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