Lost ~preview

This is just a preview im still working on the story!!!!!!!


2. Lost

Brianna's P.O.V~

The cold winter wind blew in my wavey dark brown hair as i entered starbucks i've been trying to find a home since the day after the running away so far i stood at a cozy hotel just down the street from my old home,ya quite stupid that i only move a street away but im planning on moving to the capital of the U.K its far enough from home but so far im sill scearching i only go out at night so no one will find me,but during the day i usally go down to the pool I think since I dont have a job i might become a life gaurd there since i LOVE swimming but for now i have to really worry about my parents ,harry,and harrys little friends (one direction) finding me.

Harry's P.O.V~

Brianna has been gone for quite awhile now and im really getting worried ive been calling her no-stop and the boys and i have been trying to find her,we havent scearched the whole town and I know she couldnt have left because where is she gonna go without money and a car.I have been staying at her house since she ran away and all her parents do is fight over how they were too busy fighting that Brianna left and how it was his fault or how it was her fault and it very annoying.I was sitting on the couch watching her parents fight until i got sick of it and said some thing."HEY.......dont you think its both of you who made brianna wanna leave?"her mother qickly looked at me"no i think it was her fathers fault!" she said with a nasty look on her face"well i dont think its your or his fault i think is the both of you,all i have done these past weeks was search and scearch for her while you two fight " i got up,grabbed my jacket and left

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