Your My Valentine

This story is about an ordinary girl named Sydney who falls for One directions famous Louis Tomlinson. They meet the week before Valentines Day at a random resturaunt in Doncaster but will their Love last? Find out in my new Movella Your My Valentine.


2. Meeting You

Sydney's POV-

I was at a resturaunt sitting outside at a table when I heard
Yelling. I turned my head and saw Louis
Tomlinson running then he sat down atmy table, picked up
a magazine, and said "sorry I need to borrow this" and covered
his head. Then the paparazzi ran by us and turned the corner.

Loius's POV-

I still had a magazine over my head when the girl I sat down by
said " its safe to come out now " I put the magazine down
and said " thank you. And then what kind of this
with other for a second and then I finally said what's your
name"?" Sydney" she replied. "OH. I'm Louis'' ''So' what was
that about?'' '' I have no clue.'' She laughed and we kept talking.
One Hour Later~ "So, we shoud do this again some time." I said.
"So your asking me out on a date?""Yup. Here's my number" I
wrote my number down on a piece of paper, and so did she.
"When?"She said. "How about Saturday at eight?" I said "ok.
See you then." Bye'' '' bye''.

Syd's POV-

I cannot believe that Louis, Louis Tomlinson, just asked
ME out on a date? Why me? OH well. I HAVE to call Emily
and tell her. So I called my friend, got acused of lieing to her,
and then she broke my eardrum.
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