Your My Valentine

This story is about an ordinary girl named Sydney who falls for One directions famous Louis Tomlinson. They meet the week before Valentines Day at a random resturaunt in Doncaster but will their Love last? Find out in my new Movella Your My Valentine.


1. Coming Home

Sydney's POV-

Finally I'm home after that long visit to America. Why would they want to be the country with the fattest people in the world? Anyways, I'M HOME! YAY! Now I have to unpack all my stuff . boo. Oh well. I unpacked all my stuff, got into some comfy clothes, and left to go get something to eat. I wore a Blue aeropostle T-shirt, and skinny jeans.

Louis's POV

Finally I'm HOME! But I do have 5 sisters.... oh well. I'M HOME!!!!! Man I'm hungry. I think I'll get some food first. I went to the nearest resturaunt but when I was halfway there the paps found me. I ran almost half a block, and then I turned a corner.

Author's Note -

Hey guys sorry its short it will be longer next time. :)
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