One Direction Moments

One shots, like first kiss, wedding day and things of that nature. Includes ALL the boys


2. You First Meet Him

Louis: You and your friend decide to go lazer tagging, and when you arrive you see a family up ahead. Your friend groans saying it will be no fun, but you tell her to suck it up because she dragged you there so you were staying. You put on your vest things and notice you are on different teams. You nod and run in opposite directions to find your teams. You come across a little girl who looks all sad so you ask her what's wrong and she sniffles and says she's lost. You hear footsteps and an extremely hot boy who looked about your age runs up, and the little girl tackles him saying "don't shoot her, she's on our team!" He stands up brushing himself off, "jeesh Lottie, I'm not blind I can see her colored vest," He extends his hand towards yours. You stare at him so he grabs it shaking it saying "Well, I don't know your name, but I'm Louis." You look up at him and mumble your name. You both awkwardly stand there until you feel a vibration and look down to see you've both been shot. You look up to see you bff and three little girls. " Fizzy Phobe and Daisy, what have I told you about NOT shooting me, because I'm the only boy, so I must win always," Louis says. They say they didn't shoot us. Suddenly the four of them lit up too so now everyone was shot, "Who shot us?" Lottie said. Louis looks up to a balcony and says one word, Mom. She raises her hands in a mock salute and says, " I am the master commander, not Louis" We all started laughing and my friend and I went out to lunch with the Tomlinsons.

Liam: You were super embaressed because you mum decided to shop for your prom dress with you, and she has REALLY bad taste. You get to the store and go to look and your mom comes back with a boy around your age with a shit eating grin on her face. You look up at the boy and roll your eyes, figuring it was your mother, bless her heart (sarcasm) tryna set you up with some weirdo, as always. Your mom holds up the most hideous dress in history and says something about how it would bring out your eyes and you pretend not to hear her and the boy laughs. Your mom hands you a stack of dresses and you head to the dressing rooms. You put the first one on and bust out laughin, you slowly walk out of the stall and the boy cracks up, you ask him where your mom is and he says she's looking for more dresses. You figure now was your chance to shake him, "Look, how much did she pay you? Are you another one of Linda's nephews? Come on what's your story?" He looks confused and says, " Um I haven't a clue what you're talking about..." You sigh and ask slower "How much did my mom or one of her creepy friends pay you to come hang out with me?" He blushes and whispers out some mumbo jumbo you didn't hear a word of. Hm? you ask. "Look, she didn't pay me, I saw you and asked her if she knew you and she said yes because I think you're really pretty and I wanted to ask you to go to Prom with me because I've liked for a long time now, you're in my English class, and I was to nervous to ask at school, and when I saw you here I thought it was the perfect time because you were alone........" You smile at him and say yes. You bought a pretty dress and went to Prom with Liam.

Zayn: You were at the store and were haveing a horrible day, just when things couldn't get worse, they did. Some moron ran into you with his cart and knocked both of you into a stack/pyramid of cans. You sat up and busted out laughing as did the dude that ran his cart into you. You thanked him receiving an odd look, you explained how you were having a bad day and how he just made it better. "Why were you having a bad day? Beautiful girls should never have bad days, and neither should well, anyone really." You tell him it's a long story, and he grabs your arm pulling you out the door leaving your carts and mess for the store to deal with and walks with you to a coffee shop ordering and coming back with suprisingly your favorite kind of coffee.
-He smiles and could tell you were suprised but shrugs and says," I can kinda read people, yano?" you nodd, "Now, we have all the time in the world, what is your 'long story' that made your day so bad?"
-ALTERNATIVE ENDING- You look up at him and ask how he knew that was your fave coffee and he smile and says, "Because I'm a wizard." The boys crash through the ceiling on broomsticks and rides off with them leaving you wonderstruck. (Bahahahahahaha I laughed so hard when I wrote this.)

Niall: You put on your uniform and run to work, as soon as you walk in you start taking orders. Your shift partner points to a tabke and says, "Those boys want you to be their waitress instead of having me be their waiter which I totally understand because your a girl and I'm not." He chuckled and took your full tray walking towards your tables. You walk over and see four boys smiling up at you and one furiously blushing. You take their orders and walk away smiling to yourself because the blushing one was really quite cute.When you go to take the food to the table you notice its just the blushing blonde boy left. You set all the food down and he motions for you to join him, so you sit and act all shy. He smiles at you and says his name is Niall and would you please help him eat all this food because his friends thought it would be funny to make him eat it all. You nodd and tell him your name, and think to yourself that you could probly eat all of this food alone, but dont say anything. He digs right in and you see he is a foodie just like you so you start to have a convo about food and you embaressingly confess you could have eaten all this food alone and then some and he says " Me too but I didnt want to seem like a pig so I asked you to share with me!" He says. After you finish eating you two exchange numbers and you go back to work and he leaves, your phine dings and you open it seeing he put his name into your phone as Nialler is the greatest ever! <3 which makes you laugh because in his phone you put (Y/N) is the sexiest contact in thus here phoney! <3 You open the text and blush a lot while reading it. -Heyyo! Its Niall have a fun time at work beautiful :)

Harry: You take the old man back to his room and go and get another elderly person. (You work in a nursing home, and you sit in the room while family visits.)
This time you are excited because the lady that you are getting is a riot and is seriously your favorite person in the world. So you and Glenda walk into the room and instead of her grandson, its some boy with curly hair. Glenda seems to recognize him ( she is in the home because she broke her arm and is going home when her cast comes off)
"Harry? Is that you? Haven't seen you in ages! Where's Daniel?" Harry looks up "hey Mrs. Z! Daniel, like your nephew? Or that creepy mailman you used to have?" He laughs, Glenda laughs as well and hugs him, then Daniel walks in and waves hi to me getting in on the group hug. Glenda sits down at the checkers table and so does Daniel and they begin their twice a week checker game. Meanwhile this Harry character decides to come sit near me. "How's it going, I never got your name," He looks down at my name tag, " (y/n)? Pretty name for a gorgeous girl." You smile and continue the conversation. By the end of the session you have his number he has yours and you both love cats and tacos. Today was a good day to sign up to work with visitors I guess.

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