One Direction Moments

One shots, like first kiss, wedding day and things of that nature. Includes ALL the boys


3. Speak now or FOREVER hold your peace 1/5

Harry: speak now or forever hold your peace, says the preacher. I look at future husband knowing I didn't love him like I loved Harry, but he was with that horrid girl and I like Mike so he'll have to do. The pope continues, so time individual v. "Oh Lordie! Long treck from the car, especially if you run! Did I miss it? Please tell me I didn't run, actually run for nothing?!?!" Ah, Harry you think. Your best friend since the first day of kindergarten when you were being made fun of for your curly hair and Harry befriended you saying he liked your hair and has the same hair as you. You hold in a smile and ask him what he didnt want to miss. He says "the speak now part, its always the most important." The priest asks him "well can you hold your peace?" Causing a round of chuckles. Harry nods and sit down, next to my mother.
I smile up at her, she's the most beautiful person on this earth. Her mum leans over to me, "Hazza, I know you. You can hold your peace, but he forgot a word FOREVER hold your peace. Can you do,that?" Then she winks at me and sits back a bit slouchy like she's ready to see a good show and it dawned on me what she wanted me to do.
I finished my vows and the pope dude said, now for the gentleman, and Harry stood up. "I'll go first for the boys team, (y/n), ever since I first saw you I knew it i knew I had fallen for you. Now I know you love Mike, but I had to put this out there. I can hold my peace, but forever I love you, do you love me too?" Then he got all cute "I still have the first note I wrote to you I went ad got it back from the teacher who took it on its way to you. I figured that since you would never read it, it wasn't meant to be, so here it is:
dear my love, (u know who you are)
I love you so much but can't say it to your face so I'm writing it in note. I've rewritten it countless times because for you it MUST be perfect, like you. I hope you love me back, circle yes or no and return this to me.
I wrote that in the first grade second day of school after lunch, but you never knew because a teacher took it."
The whole room was silent and you say "I can't do this I'm sorry" and run out the door in tears. You run to the playground you and Harry always played at and he came two minutes behind you."look (y/n) I'm awfully sorry" Harry start rambling you cut him off with a kiss while tracing the word yes on his arm. And the two of you got happily married 3 years later. Mike and Harry's girl got together and are now your best couple friends. You now have 3 children: Bejamin Niam Styles who's 10 and makes sure boys stay away from your twin girls: Darcy Lou and Ella Zay Styles.

The rest of the boys r coming soon!!! �� Did u notice the names?!?!
NIAM (obvious)
Darcy LOU (Louis)
Ella ZAY( Zayn)
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