One Direction Moments

One shots, like first kiss, wedding day and things of that nature. Includes ALL the boys


7. SNOFHYP 5/5


its your wedding day and you are not marrying the right guy. You should be marrying your best friend Zayn Malik but to him you're like a little sister so that would never happen. He just doesn't feel the same about you, so you moved on and I guess Evan is nice, but he's no Zayn. You walk through the doors and smile at Evan who smirks back, Evan knows how you feel for Zayn and is okay that if Zayn ever wanted you that you would leave him for Zayn.  You look around and see that Zayn is missing, how typical. The vows go as planned and when you get to the forever hold your peace part there is a loud bang and Zayn flies through the church doors carrying a colorful glitter covered box that looked slightly familiar. Then you realized that it was the so called 'time capsule' you and Zayn buried in his back yard when you were 12 to open when one of you got married because you both wrote letters to each other to read at the wedding. Zayn stopped running when he reacher the alter and handed you your letter but held onto his, winking at you. Then he spoke "a good couple of years back when I was in the second grade I met this girl. She was so clueless she didn't know which way was up and she still doesn't sometimes. You all know her, she's. the woman of the day, the beaut of a bride we have up here today. And I wanted to tell her something I should have said forever ago." He quickly opened his letter and slowly smoothed out the wrinkles as if they mattered greatly. He held it up in front of his face and began to read, "dear (y/n), I've only know you for a year, it feels like just yesterday you tripped into my desk that first day of first grade and I made fun of you, and then you hit me and we got pink slips. And then realized we were neighbors and became best friends, but also it feels like I've know you for ages, yano... Well, I've known since I first looked into those dazzling eyes of yours that I like you, like, like liked you. Like possibly love like, like you. Whenever you smile I can't breathe and when you laugh I almost wet myself. And when you hug me I do backflips in my head of course, I'm that talented. So I'm sorry if I made it weird for you... Love,Zayn (Bradford bad boi.)" 

I looked over to Evan who smiled and nodded and I ran and jumped into zayns arm and said I need to read you mine! But he just grinned and said, I already did.and Evan graciously stopped down and switched outfits with Zayn and we got married.


a few years later you have one boy, and four girls.

the boy is the oldest of the twins by two minutes and then the the other two girls are a year apart. 

So there's  Josh Hazzly Malik and Nilla Lux Malik. Then, Valerie Lian Malik and last but not least, Lariel Lou Malik.



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