One Direction Moments

One shots, like first kiss, wedding day and things of that nature. Includes ALL the boys


6. SNOFHYP 4/5


So the dreadful day has finally arrived. You are marrying the asshole, your heart belongs to someone else but they don't know it. You and the guy you love are having a double wedding, Liam... Just the thought of him brings butterflies to your tummy. You get ready to walk down the isle with HER, she's so horrible she just wants poor innocent little Liam's money. All of the boys know you love Liam and that he loves you, this whole wedding is managements doing. You hope one of them says something because you might die if they don't.

Liam's POV: 

 I  get ready to see the girls walk down the isle. I love her so much I can't breathe when she's around but I cannot marry her because of fudging management. I really wish this day wasn't like this.

You POV 

So I walk down the isle my arms linked with my daddy's and the stupid whores arms. As soon as I get close to the alter I let go of her arm, and think instantly that imma need to remember to burn that arm later and snigger to myself, Liam notices and cracks a grin knowing I have strong sarcasm, and I see the rest of the boys laugh silently and Niall giggles a bit but his girlfriend hits him silencing the now red faced leprechaun. I kiss my dad and walk up to the asshole and he grabs my hand, I slyly slide my hand out of his and fake sneeze into it and lick it so when he grabs it again he quickly lets go and I smirk at him maliciously. The preacher guy begins and I look at Liam over the shoulder of the the asshole and he looks at me over the whores shoulder and I mouth 'sorry' and he mouths back 'me too.'  We finally get to the part of speak now or forever hold your peace and no one moves. Finally Louis clears his throat and I mentally curse and hope he doesn't say something very Louis because that would make an issue. Thank goodness Zayn stepped forward and said he doesn't believe that the couples are paired right so the marriages can't happen. The priest looks confused so Louis decides to fill everyone in. "Any idiot would notice that (y/n) and Liam are in love because they are basically the same person, instead of a swear they say things like oh poo or dog biscuits or really any word that isn't a swear. Both are smart as an owl, and hilarious once you get to know them. Now, this whore and this, sorry pope man, this a-hole, don't deserve to marry Liam and (y/n) so this can't happen." The pope dismisses the whore and the asshole and you and Liam get married how it should be, and management was actually happy because the boys got tons of publicity because fans went crazy over sassy Louis and Niall laughing and Zayn actually NOT missing. And Harry even got a girlfriend at the wedding so all was well in the direction ear world and you and Liam were finally together.


5years llater you and Liam have two kids, first a boy and then a girl. The older brother protect the younger sister and its too cute. Finnegan Liall Payne and River Hayn Payne.

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