One Direction Moments

One shots, like first kiss, wedding day and things of that nature. Includes ALL the boys


5. SNOFHYP 3/5

Niall:  It was your wedding day and it was NOT a happy day for you, it was an arranged marriage. You were marrying you're mums best friends eldest son Greg who was quite a few years older than you and didn't want to marry you just as you didn't want to marry him. Greg knew you belonged with Niall, as did everyone else, EXCEPT your mum and Maura. You pray that someone says something during the speak now part because you and Greg literally don't want to get married, ever. The vows continue, blah blah blah... FINALLY the speak now part comes and you almost laugh as every single person in the church stands up besides the two mums. Greg is grinning looking past you at his secret girlfriend who is your maid of honor, and you are grinning at the best man, the love of your life, Niall James Horan, and he grins back at you. Greg takes a step back and shoves Niall into his place and the priest doesn't even blink but starts the vows completely over again as if he knew that was going to happen. Now 4 years later you have one son, and 3 beautiful girls who love their daddy and mummy to bits. The oldest, Justin Laun  (1st letter of Liam 2nd of Harry 3rd of Louis and 4th of Zayn)  next the twins Ariel Maura and Alex Marie Horan. And finally, Abby Demetria Horan. And you also live on the same street as everyone else.

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