One Direction Moments

One shots, like first kiss, wedding day and things of that nature. Includes ALL the boys


4. SNOFHYP 2/5

Louis:  Its the day of your wedding and Louis, your best friend since sixth grade, was your maid of honor. The church didn't care that he wasn't a girl, they let that slide. You smile at Lou and your husband knowing that you loved them both so much. You stand there next to the two of them and the ceremony begins. Everything goes perfect until the speak now part. Harry, Louis' other best mate stands up saying that you cannot get married because someone else loved you first. He says he has a story to share: "So, I met two oblivious people a few years back and they loved each other dearly, they just didn't know it yet. I tried to make them see it, but they just wouldn't. One of the people went away to live out their dreams and when they returned, the other person was with someone else. And here we are today a few years later still in the same situation, (y/n) you can't marry the wonderful groom today because your heart belongs to someone else, and everyone in this room knows it. "  You don't understand so you say "but Harry, I, wasn't with anyone when I met you so how can  I belong to someone still, if I wasn't with anyone?" He replies, "The day after all of the band met you we made a video diary, and to make Louis angry I said I liked you and he freaked out and said 'She's mine! (I know the she's mine isn't about her, I just am saying it was) ' So now  do you know who you belong with?"  You look over at your husband to be and he nods as if he always new. You turn around and Lou engulfs you into his arms and you know he's the one. 
Louis and you get married the next year and live happily ever after with your 5 children. Your first child, the only girl Harriet June Tomlinson. Two years later you had the triplets, William James, Edward Javaad, and Benjamin Johan Tomlinson. The very next year you had your last child Kevin Simon Tomlinson whose first word just so happened to be pigeon. You all live in a house on the same street as the rest of the boys.

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