One Direction Moments

One shots, like first kiss, wedding day and things of that nature. Includes ALL the boys


1. How He Calms You Down

Harry: You and Harry are at the store and a lady rams her cart into yours making you very angry because you were already having a bad day. You start to scream at the woman but stop, because Harry wrapped his arms around you waving the lady off and whispered seductively in your ear "I know I can make you scream louder than she can, so why don't we buy what we have and when we get home I'll prove it to you." You giggle like a little school girl and nod. "Good," Harry replied "I was hoping you would say that, because screaming is not the only thing I can make you do..." And you grab his hand abandoning your shopping car and running to the car.

Liam: You drop the phone and burst into tears because you were just told by a doctor that your best friend has gotten into a car accident and is now in a coma for goodness knows how long. As you stand there with sobs racking your body, Liam walks in and says "Oh my gosh, baby girl! What's wrong?!?!" You tell him and he just opens his arms, and you fall into his chest, and he easily catches you. He picks you up and you wrap your legs around him burrowing your face into his neck. He carries you to the couch and sits down stroking your hair and kissing your neck until you stop crying. When your tears are gone you look up and see tear stains on Liams face too and when you ask him what's wrong, he says it was to much pain for him to handle seeing you cry, so he cried too.

Zayn: You are having a really stressed out week and every night you come home and go straight to bed silently crying yourself to sleep as to not wake up your b/f Zayn. One day you come early thinking you will get to chill with Zayn, but start crying sitting in the kitchen when you remember he has a studio day today. You start to walk up the stairs and see Rose petals strategically placed in a path leading to Zayn and your room. You walk in the room to see a note taped to the bathroom door- Hi Babes, it Zaynie. I hope your day wasn't too stressful, because I left you a suprise behind this door... and then it ended. You cautiously open the door to find your boyfriend grinning at you from the jacuzzi and you instantly calmed losing all the stress you had earlier slipping in the tub to join your wonderful b/f.

Louis: You came home all in a tither because your stupid college teacher, gave you a butt load of homework, over Spring break! You walk into the kitchen to look for Louis while you quietly rant and rave about your teacher. You look all around the house to find Louis but you don't. You walk back into the kitchen but feel yourself get yanked back into the living room and you scream thinking it's a burgalar or a rapist. "I don't have anything!" you yell hoping they will leave. You hear them bring their lips towards your ear whispering "Well, I heard you have a lot of homework." You recognize a slight British accent, but you can't put your finger on who it belongs to. You then answer with "Well then I don't have anything you want!" By now this person was really ticking you off, but they continue with "Oh yes you do." And you realize it was Louis your boyfriend, so you whip around right out of their grasp and jump up onto him saying a simple "Hi baby." And the 2 of you share a good laugh your anger at your teacher quickly dissolving.

Niall: You wnet shopping because with two people who live in the same house and eat as much as you and Niall do, lets just say you shop A LOT. There was only one thing you really wanted, Ben and Jerry's Oreo Ice Cream. You were on your period and that was only food that sounded good to you. You decided to save that for last so it wouldn't be as melted. As you near the freezer isle you see a sign that says Ben and Jerry's was no longer in business and you broke down right then and there. You slid down the glass door, to sitting on the ground. After 29 minutes or so you finally leave and head home. the whole way home you get really mad and steamed up about how your favorite ice cream went out of business. You stay completely silent as you and Niall unpack the groceries, Niall hits a bad spot by asking about the ice cream, you blow up at him saying it's all his fault even though you don't mean it and you start crying when you realize all the horrible things you said and you run to you and Nialls bedroom hugging his pillow and breathing in his scent. You hear the door creak open to reveal Niall hiding something behind his back. He comes over to the bed leaving whatever was behind his back outside the door. He embraces you in a hug and kisses you, you ramble out that you are sorry and he cuts you off with another kiss and says he would do the same thing if Nandos closed. Then he says "do you remember when Lou stayed here while she was pregnant with Lux during our vacation to,house sit?" you nod and he continues' "And what was the ONLY thing Lou would eat? That's right Ben and Jerry's Oreo Ice Cream. There's one gallon left." He goes out the door to bring back 2 forks (Liam banned spoons from ALL the boy's homes) and a gallon of your favorite ice cream. You kissed his cheek saying thank you, and allmyour sadness and anger faded away.
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