Falling apart

After a house fire a teenage girl named Grace must learn to move on with life but just as she is starting to feel herself again her "dad" does the unthinkable causing her to fall apart. She has moved away from the only life she has ever known but there is one person who can help her but can she count on him being there for her after everything that has happened. Grace can't help but feel that her life is falling apart.


7. The call

1 week later

it all started with one phone call. Zayn called me while I was in school. I got extremely in trouble and just like that I am popular because the teacher made me answer the call on speaker.

God was that embarrassing but now I get to go to zayns house today!!!! I literly can't go anywhere!!! Sometimes I wish I hadn't even given him my phone number but now that it already happened I can't do anything about it. Zayn told me to bring Sarah for Niall so of course I said yes.

Okay as grace I'm going to just tell you I'm not into fairy tails I haven't had a boyfriend before. and i dont plan on hetting one.because I don't want to get my heart broken.Wow. You guys are really reading this far..... You do know your behind your computer listening to my so called "fairy tail".another reason why I don't want a boyfriend  is because people get married just for the sake of their kids... Isn't that pathetic?All I want is god to find me true love instead of going on an online dating website. No just no.maybe zayn will be my boyfriend or not you will have to find out through this stupid love story of mine. So have fun. Duce.

at zayns house with sarah

zayns  POV 

wow I really hope I hit it off with grace. Luckily she is coming soon. As soon as me and the boys hears knock on the door we all run to open it. As soon as I see grace I give her kiss on the hand and cheek and so does NIALL. Louis had to yell GET A ROOM. The girls started blushing and I know I will be giving Louis a talk soon.

grace POV 

i start blushing when Louis yells get a room. I playfully punched him and we all laughed.and as soon as I stepped. In zayn carried me bridal style all the way to his room. Zayn said he had something to tell me and they were the best and last words I wanted to hear.....

authors note 

wow cliff hanger updating soon. Another chapter should be up by tonight and I will be publishing all weekend!!! Trying to update more i have been very busy. Also I have a co writer her name is Emily and see is my cousin so check out her fanfic up on my wall. Make sure to favorite and like it!! She is trying to update but she recently had surgery on her leg  so yeah!! And happy Memorial Day!! For everyone in America and outside our country if you celebrate it so yeah. And I knew how much you like this fanfic so I didn't abandon it!!!! Also I read all of your comments your all so sweet but please tell you friends and become a fan if you enjoy my fanfiction!! I knew I had to write a long chapter!! Have a fantastic weekend yay!! And shhhhhhh I'm 

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