Falling apart

After a house fire a teenage girl named Grace must learn to move on with life but just as she is starting to feel herself again her "dad" does the unthinkable causing her to fall apart. She has moved away from the only life she has ever known but there is one person who can help her but can she count on him being there for her after everything that has happened. Grace can't help but feel that her life is falling apart.


4. reaction

Sarah's pov

i was out with my family talking out god knows going to lord knows where when my phone started ringing it was grace son i had to answer it.  i pressed the talk button and all i heard was screaming coming from grace she said something but i didn't understand what she said she when she finally took a breather i asked her to say that again but slower.  so she told me "uncle mike got me tickets to go to a one direction concert they are front row and V.I.P. back stage passes then he told me there were two of each so that i could bring a friend and you are the friend that i chose, you also need to get up here to Massachusetts asap because we have shopping to do and the concert is tomorrow night"   i then screamed hung up on grace then i asked my mom if she could bring me up there she said sure and that we would leave as soon as i pack a bag so i ran up to my room and threw a bunch of clothes in a bag and ran down stairs 5 minutes later.

grace's pov

when Sarah hung up on me i just laughed thinking about her throwing random clothes in a bag and running down stairs all of Ben and Jon's friends looked at me weird then one yelled "hey it speaks and can laugh" i just gave him the death glare but couldn't stop laughing so it was very ineffective.  two hours later Sarah came and the boy's friends have left by now so it was just uncle mike, aunt Brenda, Danielle, Ben, me, Sarah, and Jon so we just watched a movie or two then Sarah and realized we needed go shopping we asked uncle mike to drive us there then we were left on our own.  we both bought about $100 worth of clothes so we then went home when we were satisfied with our job.  we both went down to the basement to pick out our outfit for tomorrow i chose to go with light wash jean short shorts a graphic tee shirt and a pair of converse  while Sarah decided on high waisted light wash jean shorts an adorable ruffled tank top with flats for shoes.  we just did the usual sleep over thing like we always do which includes talking about one direction, sharing our insane dreams with each other, and finally watching movies until god knows when.


  ----------------- the next morning----------------------


still grace's pov

i was fast asleep and Sarah knew that if she woke me up she'd be dead so she asked Jon to wake me up that didn't work out so well for him since i flung him across the room and punched him a couple times trying to get him to go away.  but finally Sarah told me today was the one direction concert so we went to go get breakfast then get ready for the concert which starts at 7:00 pm it was already 2:00 pm when i was woken up so i needed to hurry up and get ready.

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