Falling apart

After a house fire a teenage girl named Grace must learn to move on with life but just as she is starting to feel herself again her "dad" does the unthinkable causing her to fall apart. She has moved away from the only life she has ever known but there is one person who can help her but can she count on him being there for her after everything that has happened. Grace can't help but feel that her life is falling apart.


8. My descion

Zayns pov. 

Todays the day....... Geez I'm a nervous wreck. I talked to niall and he agreed on my descion. So first I wanna take grace out to this really special place to me. Before my mother died me and my mom would go to this amazing secret hideout. It had a beautiful waterfall and a bright blue pond that me and my mom would go swimming in. Also the grass would always have these pretty flowers. 

Graces pov

i can't wait to go out on a date with zayn. I really like him. I decided to go with a cute bright pink crop top. And white washed high waisted shorts. With some flip flops. For my makeup I decided to go natural with just some foundation and a basic smokey eye. And off I went I said bye to Sarah. I hoped into my bug and head out. I met zayn at the boys house. We walked all the way down to a little passage way hand in hand. Once we got to our destination all I thought was that it was beautiful. All the sudden zayn kissed me.... Of course I kissed him back. And I swear there was fireworks. After the kiss zayn asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend.... I had a big descion to make because I wasn't looking for a boyfriend and I felt we were rushing into things.

zayns pov

please say yes please say yes.... Then I heard her answer.

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