Falling apart

After a house fire a teenage girl named Grace must learn to move on with life but just as she is starting to feel herself again her "dad" does the unthinkable causing her to fall apart. She has moved away from the only life she has ever known but there is one person who can help her but can she count on him being there for her after everything that has happened. Grace can't help but feel that her life is falling apart.


6. Concert day

grace's pov


I decided to leave my hair naturally curly and only put on lip gloss.  Sarah curled her hair and left it down, she had on some mascara and lip gloss.  As sarah and i were getting ready one of my other best friends called, her name is casey, i hadn't talked to her in a while so i answered the phone call.  (c=casey and g=grace)


c: i was wondering if you wanted to go to the one direction concert with me today

g: this is a little weird considering my uncle already gave me tickets to their concert tonight

c: well maybe i'll see you there

g: i hope so i haven't seen you in a while

c: me too i gotta go though since my mom just got back bye grace

g; bye casey see you tonight possibly


when the phone call was over it was time to leave for the concert so thats what we did.  the car ride wasn't really interesting we just listened to one direction and laughed thinking of old times.  we got to the concert early so we could meet the boys because of the meet and greet tickets.  we were the last ones in line so that means we would get to spend more time with them than others would.  sooner or later it was our turn to meet them, i could tell sarah wasn't herself she wasn't nervous just she wasn't usual happy, peppy hyper sarah that i'm used to.


paul called us into the room that all of one direction was in.  we walked in to see zayn on his phone not knowing we are there, niall eating a bag of chips bigger than his head, louis and harry were play fighting on the ground, and finally liam was trying to break it up.  i decided to let them know that sarah and i were there by screaming "hi guys"  just by saying that niall almost choked so he started to cough, zayn fell from his perch on the arm on the couch and was very confused, louis and harry paused the play fight they were in with harry in a head lock given by louis, and liam just responded with a simple "hi girls"

sarah and i couldn't stop laughing but i tried to say "i'm grace and auburn haired girl laughing her butt off next to me is sarah"  but they couldn't understand i word i said so when i calmed down i repeated that same thing and then they said "hi grace, hi sarah" in  harmony it was a little strange but hey they are singers.


we were all getting along great sarah and niall really hit it off and same with zayn and i.  after about 5 minutes they realized they never knew how old we were so before i could answer sarah screamed "grace turns 18 today"  right after she did that all the boys looked at each other and sang happy birthday to me.  i then told them that sarah turns 18 on the 18th.  i could tell by the look sarah gave me i would mot be a happy camper in the morning.  we then laughed and joked until one of the boys asked about my family i then took out my phone and texted sarah.


g: what do i say

s: tell them the truth we can trust them

g: are you sure

s: yes i"m sure now tell them they are waiting


i said "ok" out loud without meaning to and the boys looked at me confused so i told  them that i lived with my god parents which resulted in them asking my why i lived with them so i said "my parents and older brother were killed in a house fire a few days ago"  none of them knew what to say but i felt arms wrap around me as a tear slipped down my face.  i looked up to see all five boys squishing me in the middle of a group hug.

next thing i knew they had to go on stage so sarah and i went to our seats it turns out that casey had a seat right next to me. During zayn's solo in moments he was looking straight at me but all i could think of was watching nick's football games in the past.  not to menti=ion during louis' solo in little things he was looking directly at casey.

the con-=ncert was over in no time and we went backstage to spend more time with them.  sarah asked me if i was ok because she could see me spacing during their concert.  i respond saying "ya just some memories i thought i forgot came back thats all"

sarah said "ok."  we hung out with the 5 of them again but right before we left zayn stopped me and asked "when can i see you again?" i responded by saying "not until next week unless you feel like being at an ice rink"  he asked "why an ice rink?" i just laughed handed him my number and said i would explain later when he texts me.  he just looked confused but agreed anyway.



**authors note**

  i just wanted to apologize for not updating there has juts been a lot going on and i haven't been able to find time to update but i do want to hear what you guys think about my fanfic so if you could comment that would be great hope you are enjoying it bye

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