Falling apart

After a house fire a teenage girl named Grace must learn to move on with life but just as she is starting to feel herself again her "dad" does the unthinkable causing her to fall apart. She has moved away from the only life she has ever known but there is one person who can help her but can she count on him being there for her after everything that has happened. Grace can't help but feel that her life is falling apart.


5. *characters*


Grace- 18 years old, a brunette that has curly shoulder length hair, figure skater, loves to sing but not in front of large numbers of people, best friends are sarah and casey

Casey-18 years old, loght brown straight-ish hair,doesn't care what people think of her and loves nature to no end,she is also an only child

Sarah- 18 years old has 2 sisters and 1 brother, is a ginger that has wavy shoulder length hair, emtremely irish and is grace's bestfriend but might as well be her sister

Zayn- same as in real life

Liam- same as in real life

Louis- same as in real life

Harry- same as in real life

Niall- same as in real life


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