Falling apart

After a house fire a teenage girl named Grace must learn to move on with life but just as she is starting to feel herself again her "dad" does the unthinkable causing her to fall apart. She has moved away from the only life she has ever known but there is one person who can help her but can she count on him being there for her after everything that has happened. Grace can't help but feel that her life is falling apart.


2. A talk one could never forget

Still Grace's pov

After the fire was put out I was bombarded with questions the only one that really stuck out to me was " where is your family?" As soon as the last word was out of the firefighter's mouth I started to cry again. All I could answer with was pointing to the house that once held my family. It was almost as if he understood because he after I pointed he engulfed me in a massive hug and said " Do you have anyone to live with?" I nodded yes and then he replied " ok let's get you there then, how far away are they?" By now I could speak but barely so I practically whispered " millis, Massachusetts with my god parents who are my aunt and uncle" he then asked " is there anyone your age there?" " my cousins" After he agreed that he would bring me there I couldn't stop thinking about the look on my parents' and brother's faces as they called for help. I also couldn't forget the chat I had with the firefighter. He seemed to understand me even though we had just met. I called my uncle and told him about what happened and he said that I could stay with them and he sent me his condolences about my parents and brother. Now I had to call Erin so she doesn't find out in the town newspaper she was in hysterics by the time I told her the entire story. Next up for a phone call was sarah my best friend I told her what happened she is a really strong person so to hear her cry made me realize just how vulnerable I really am.
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