The box of Eponyms

Short stories that will all be based off a different name. Will be about love, lost and understanding.


1. Madeline

It was all over the news when she went, missing. And in such a small town it causes a fear equal to the red scare. Who's daughter would be next? Or would it be someone's son? Killers were unpredictable. Her face was all over on the news, in the commercials, on the light poles, even on the single billboard in the town.

The worst part was the questioning.

Madeline's twin May cried.

"When was the last time you saw her?"

"At home -after dinner- she let me use the bathroom first. She never did -does- that. I should have known something was wrong."

And then she broke down into tears again.

It was just as hard for the girls' parents but they put brave faces.

"Is there anything we could use to ID her if she is found...?"

They didn't need to add on the dead part.

"Her charm bracelet -like her sister's- it's gold with roses" The mother sobbed.

The father's face was pinched in a mask of control.

They questioned everyone; one classmate had helpful information of that night. He also had an alibi.

It was the town's "golden boy".

"Last time you saw her?"

"In class we were going to hangout that night. She said she'd sneak out and meet me, she never showed."

"Sneak out?"

"Yeah, I offered to pick her up. Meet the parents and all that jazz but she said no."

Apparently a lot of things were not known about Madeline. The town had known her to be the goody two shoes. She was idolized. But her friends said different.

So how good was she really?

Madeline was missing for one year before her sister snapped and left town. She couldn't take it. The pity in other's eyes and seeing her face -her sister's face- plastered all over town, it was killing her. May was 18 now and cutting all ties.

She left in the dead of night.

Three weeks later ashes were found in the woods surrounding the town. The body was burnt beyond recognition. But on her arm was a golden bracelet with rose charms.

Madeline and May's parents were distasted. How could they have let this happen? Those girls were their babies, their responsibility. And they had let them down.

They buried the body and left the tombstone blank. Soon after they moved out of town. They got a divorce. The mom went to rehab. They dad got a job that made him work 20 hour days.

It had been five years since Madeline's disappearance.

"That's the haunted house!"

"It doesn't look all that creepy."

"The story goes that the girl who lived there went missing and then the family broke down."

"I know the story."

Suddenly there was a shadow in the window. A shadow of a girl, and just as fast as it was there it was gone again. Was it just a trick of the light?

"Hello boys."

Behind the two boys was a figure it loomed over them. He wore dark sunglasses and a police officer uniform.

"Is something wrong with my house?" He took off his glasses and smiled.

"You actually live here?"

The policeman nodded. He knew the background on that house even better than most of the people in the town. He had worked the case for it, the Madeline cold case from 5 years ago.

Back then he had just joined the police force and that case was his big break. Before moving into the house he had lived 40 minutes outside of town in a small building that should have been condemned. When the house went on sale he wasn't sure of buying it but did he needed to be closer to work.

"Doesn't it spook you?"

"A little." He shrugged with a laugh.

"Want to come in and check it out? Maybe you'll see a ghost."

The two boys looked at each other. They were walking home from school anyway so their mother's wouldn't notice if they were a little later than usual. Also they would get to brag to all their friends about actually going inside. It was a police officers house after all, they where also sure they could ask for a ride home if it got too late. He seemed like a nice guy.

So they decided to enter the house.




The town had made one fatal mistake...

They had forgotten to question the police.
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