The Fight For Life

Morgan is a young 16 year old girl. She meets, or more likely sees, a member of 1D. She is tied to trouble an trouble is tied to her. When two people fall for her, she makes the love complicated, and has to choose between the two.


3. Trouble Catches It

Its been a week since that conversation and Harry has been here everyday.
I just woke up and am still a little drossy. I open my eyes a little to see five weird shapes. I don't know what they are at the end of my bed but I just let it go...... Then I realize that people are at my bed! My eyes fly open and I was full of fear.
"Settle down Morgan, it's just me." the reassuring voice of Harrys fill ears. I look around and see him. He has a smirk on his face that brightens up the whole room.
"I want you to meet my friends. Liam, Louis. Niall, and Zayn." he tells me. I think about it for a minute then realization hit me. I AM IN THE PRESENCE OF THE BAND, ONE DIRECTION!!!!! I sat up straight and stared.
"Hi....." was all I got out. They laughed and Louis' British accent filled the air.
"Sorry love we can't stay long. We have a busy day. We shall come back tomorrow, can't we Liam?"
I was completely caught In how awesome their accents were, I didn't even notice Harry sit down next to me.
"Of corse. I don't see why not." Liam said. I couldn't help but smile!!
They all said bye, everyone but Harry. He kept looking at me. He stood up and turned to me. He leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. It wasn't like the first one, so gentle. This one was filled with hidden emotion I just couldn't figure out what it was.
He pulled away and said good bye. I watch him go and feel the coldness of were he should be, by me.

I slowly close my eyes and and think about how in a week I will out of this place.
I wake up and get ready to walk around. I stand and feel dizzy but kept my balance. As I pass, my doctors said hi and asked how I was. It was good to get out of the room again.
I make my way back to my room to rest. I get back in the hospital bed. Then I hear a knock and just know its Harry!
"Come in!" I yell with a Big smile on my face. I finally get in a comfy position on the bed and lie down.
He walks in. I notice it's not Harry. It was a guy with a bald head. Tattoos everywhere and looked about thirty-five. I looked at him for a second.
"Sorry I think you have the wrong room" I tell him.
He reaches in his pocket as if looking for something. He still won't stop staring. He finds out what he wants and pulls out a silver gun.
My eyes filled with fear. I just looked at him.
"I don't know how you survived " his voice rang out, breaking the silence, "but he was suppose to die and you saved him. You should have died. And know you will." he finished with acid dripping on every word. He raise the gun and pointed it right in-between my eyes.

All I could do was close my eyes and wait for impact.

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