The Fight For Life

Morgan is a young 16 year old girl. She meets, or more likely sees, a member of 1D. She is tied to trouble an trouble is tied to her. When two people fall for her, she makes the love complicated, and has to choose between the two.


12. Time In The Town

It seemed like forever  before Harry and Taylor left. Something about her made me not like her. I mean she's beautiful but... I don't know.

"Hey, we're gonna go play in the game room, you coming?" Zayn asks . I see Liam and Louis head into the game room. Niall waits by the door. 

"No.. I'm gonna stay out here..." I bite my lip and zayn nods suspiciously. He stands there a second before heading into the game room and Niall closes the door behind them. I smile, the living room to myself. I go upstairs and into  Zayn's room, grabbing his jacket. It's the black leather jacket. It's huge on me but it'll do for now. I put it on and am overwhelmed by the smell of him. I snuggle into it, instantly feeling warm. 

I quietly go downstairs. I peek into the game room. They are all yelling at game. 

"No no! Zayn! What the hell mate?" Liam says pushing him. Zayn laughs. It appears that zayn killed Liam. 

"Louis! What'd you do that for?" Niall says as Louis' person shoots Niall. His Irish accent makes me smile. Louis shrugs. They seem engrossed in the game so I quietly shut the door. I quickly run through the living room toward the door. The door shuts quietly behind me as I make my way toward the lobby.

The fresh air hits my face with a blast of coldness. It chills my face with tiny tingles of delight. The street is filled with people but not to crowded. I walk slowly, taking in the features. The old brown store that sits on the corner. The tiny club just next to it. I smile, this place is kind of cool. I pass by a bad called "The Lucky Mug." The door is bright red with a beer bottle painted on. The wall is a light green with brown trimming on the siding. The windows are small and you can see inside clearly. I walk and peak inside. It's dimly lit and the bar signs are quite bright, giving the bad a colorful glow. The bar stools are antique and each on is different. There are tables against the wall. I notice a small stage in the back with a guitar in a case. A microphone stand is center stage with drums behind it. I look closer and gasp, my heart racing. It's like my life stopped looking at two holes in the wall, about head height. The holes are small but clear.. Bullet holes. This "Lucky Mug." Is where I was suppose to perform. I bite my lip and look away. I don't want to look anymore. 

I walk until I reach the little brown store on the corner. The faded sign says, "Suzy's Place." The sign really needs a new paint job. The door is a  dark yellow. I grab the rusty doorknob and walk inside the store. A soft tiny chime goes off, the bell above the door is small and barely heard. The interior of the place is warm and comforting, almost like it is meant to be a home. There a few racks of clothes but it's mostly decor items. Nothing I'm to interested in. The clothes are all to big for me and the decor items are pretty but I don have a house to decorate. Everything seems to be handmade or put together by someone, not a company. Most items are made of metal and jewels. The fabric of the clothes is soft between my fingers. 

I go to leave when something catches my eye. It's a key. It's a normal key but something draws me to it.  It's a simple key, a soft bronze, not from age or use though, it's meant to be that color. On the top is a tiny symbol. It's familiar but I can't place it. I pick it up carefully as if it would break instantly. It's lightweight and I realize the symbol is a heart with a crown on it. The symbol triggers something in my memory but I draw a blank. 

"It's beautiful isn't it?" A soft raspy voice comes behind me. I turn and see a lady. Her white hair is medium length and slightly messy. Her smile is soft and warming. The wrinkles on her face so signs of love and caring. Her dress goes to her ankles and is a brilliant blue, they match her ice blue eyes. 

"It is quite pretty... Suzy..?" I ask and take in her soft features.

"That would be me." Her voice is sweet. Like a grandmothers voice should be. She smiles and walks closer. I realize she has a small limp, probably a hip problem. "That key has a story behind it, or so I'm told." She gently takes the key out of my hands. Her hands are soft and aged. They are cold and I almost jump at how careful she is.

"What's the story? Behind the key." I ask and she smiles. It's quiet for a minute or two as if she is recalling the memory. Then finally her voice reaches my ears.

"Well. I only know what happened since I got it. The whole back story is not mine to tell.. Not do I know what the back story is." She says as if regretful. I nod and smile, reassuring he to go on. 

"It was a Saturday morning. I was just about to open the store. My hair was a mess and I wasn't expecting anyone for a few more hours. When I got to the door..." She paused. The suspense was almost deadly. Her eyebrow twitched like thinking was hard for her to do. "When I got to the door, there was a man waiting outside. He was the oddest man I've seen. His hair was self cut and his eyes were the brightest of green. His clothes were dirty and he smelled of to tobacco!" She said laughing. This guy intrigued me. He seemed fairly different but almost like he was lost but knew where he was. 

"I opened the door an he rushed inside. In his fist was this key. He spoke only five words, 'don't hold onto the past.' Then he left without a glance!" She said smiling.  I think the man fascinated her, that he came and went in a flash. But it did not fascinate me. It only scared me.

"Don't hold into the past.." I whisper. Something about that one sentence made my stomach turn. I quickly put the key back in its spot. 

"Maybe another time." I said and head for the door. I would be back , the lady seemed nice.

"Ok. Morgan.. Do be careful." She said and I shut the door behind me. I walk down the street again smiling. I would visit Suzy often. She made me feel welcome. I walk to the next store. When I get to the door I freeze, my hand on the handle. I don't remember telling her my name..


Harry's POV

Her sugary sweet laugh sends me on edge. I think I should go. Looking down at my plate, I still have half a sandwich and y chips go untouched. 

"And then..... She like...... And I was like..... Finally.... So then...... But then..." I was only half listening. I've been here for over an hour and I've barely talked about myself. I want to leave and sleep, but I am not rude so I'll wait till she finishes. 

The tiny whispers float around the restaurant. A total of five fans came up and asked for autographs, not to shyly I might add. Even a few flashes from paparazzi occur throughout the night. Even the waitress in a skimpy Tshirt with her boobs hanging out and shorts that could be an inch longer, couldn't stop staring. 

I sigh and run my hand through my hair.  I need to leave.

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